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QuickBooks Stopped Working- It won’t start


It has been reported in Our QuickBooks Support USA community and QuickBooks Support phone number, that When QuickBooks Users are Clicking on QuickBooks Desktop Or Company file icon in order to launch it, then instead of opening the program is not staring or Appearing partially.


This case was investigated and what results were found that “ There could be many errors are preventing QuickBooks Program from Opening.

QuickBooks Technical support USA has found the Best Solution To resolve this problem which ends most of the error .the solution is that to simply restart your windows.


QB tip-  Double-clicking on QuickBooks Multiple times more than one required could open its process multiple times which hangs the application through the application is unable to open.

Make sure that sufficient time is given to QuickBooks to load itself properly before continuing further.

quickbooks support

Below are some solutions that you can try to fix this problem and open QuickBooks-


1- Close the process of  QBW32.exe by ending task


Many times the background processes of QuickBooks that need to be running constantly get stuck. In this case, ending the process of QuickBooks And then Restarting it could get the process running properly


  • Put your mouse pointer on the taskbar and apply right click.now from the menu that appears select Start Task Manager.

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  • Now open process tab and click on the name to find process.
  • Find process named as QBW32.EXE and End the process.


2- By suppressing the application For QuickBooks Desktop.


In damaged company file cases, it should be made sure that QuickBooks program itself is running properly or not. In most cases, It is found that QuickBooks is opening your previous company as it may not be possible that your Company file is damaged and QuickBooks Can’t read the file.


  • On your desktop apply right click on QuickBooks exe. Icon and now hold down Ctrl key and continue holding. select open from the drop-down.

QuickBooks support

Note- Don’t release ctrl key until QuickBooks is open and you see no company window open.

  • Open the company file.




3- Reboot Computer


By rebooting computer you end the current status of software and clear memory by starting system from scratch. Try to open QuickBooks after reboot which will fix the error.



4- By running QBInstall tool.


This QuickBooks Install  Diagnostic tool can fix a wide range of different errors not letting QuickBooks Open.


  • Download the tool- QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • If prompted to grant permission to save the file locally then simply agree to them.
  • Close every running program and open Tool.this may take up to 20 min depending on a speed of your computer.
  • Now restart the computer and run QuickBooks.



5- Reinstall QuickBooks.


  • First of all, you will need to uninstall QuickBooks. Use Ctrl + R Key for Run command.
  • Write there Control panel and press enter.
  • Now from control panel select Program And Features.
  • Now you will see a list of Programs find QuickBooks and apply right click on it.
  • From the drop-down select uninstall.
  • Now once uninstalled Download QuickBooks again.
  • Once downloaded install and run QuickBooks again.



In case any help is needed  regarding QuickBooks Call Support – 1800-470-6903

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