How to void cheques in quickbooks

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We come across so many customer who face problem related to functionality on QuickBooks. This not an issue if you are not well versed with this application,Because it’s huge and covers entire accounting.Why people prefer QuickBooks over other brand because these isn’t any thing that QuickBooks Can’t do. And we work any software we make mistakes and sometimes we don’t know how to go back or undo this error,that’s when we come into the picture offering helpful information related to QuickBooks. If you are not comfortable following these step need supervision form an expert,Give us chance to help you.

Objective: In this article reading will understand how to void cheques those you created by mistake.

Like many other feature QuickBooks gives an option to create cheques ,sometime we make mistakes or for any other reasons you need to void cheques please follow these steps:

  • On home screen click on cheque register
  • Create new cheque by click on Plus sign
  • Enter amount
  • Account number
  • Date
  • Name
  • In  the bottom click on more and click on void
  • That’s how you can void any cheque

Now I will explain how to see void cheque list:

  • Click on Cheque register of chart of accounts
  • Click on Edit
  • Go to more
  • Choose void and you will have list of void cheques
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