Unrecoverable error while rebuilding data in QuickBooks Pro,Premier,Enterprise

Unrecoverable error has occurred and Unable to rebuild data

QuickBooks Unrecoverable error occurred during data rebuilding process in QuickBook and won’t allow your company file data to rebuild. And best way to find out more detail about his error always refer to QuickBooks.log files (QBWIN.LOG) to identify why and where this error has impact on and this part of QuickBooks application give more elaboration with detail on any error or issue on QuickBooks. I log file you may see target chain for error to which significantly get generated during rebuilding Process.This Entire chain description will help you to find our which transaction bill or invoice has his issue QuickBooks. When you have this error inside QuickBooks log file those transaction will not have any name or when you run audit trail or transaction detail report as it,s shown in Image Below:

QuickBooks error help

In this image translation with version 2.0 name are under question !

This error occurs while your QuickBooks software unable to build data and log file help you to signify what all transaction under  Question. Or possibly QuickBooks Company file is also damage.

Solution: In this case when you have identified that company file is damage you may restore most recent backup file immediately. If you don’t know when was the last back made follow this step: Press F2 key on your keyboard which will bring Product information page on your QuickBooks. On this page version Used section Check date for RB.If this date is not Close enough to the date when problem started you may try to run Data verification of Existing .QBW file.

quickbooks help

Consequences: If above solution won’t work then you may require to Contact Intuit data service team for company file repair or you may lose data on your QuickBooks Company file. Or you may try to create another company file and re-enter your transaction information manually.

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