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This issue QuickBooks Mac Oriented and this may would not allow user to customise report and it gives a POP UP screen “Generating Report data” and this won’t allow user to work on that specific screen. Entire QuickBooks get stuck and won’t allow you to make any changes to the software.

QuickBooks Mac help desk

Root Cause: Major root cause for this error an operating system update or Mac computer does’t have enough memory to run QuickBooks or may be Company file size has increased which could also cause slow performance issue on QuickBooks.


  1. Step: Try to restart your computer instantly and perform the same task again. if still it gives you same error or your QuickBooks doesn’t respond then follow the next step.
  2. Step: Open activity monitor on your Mac and Try to do force Quit of QuickBooks. To open activity monitor follow these steps- Go to utilities and you will find activity monitor in there. That’s how activity monitor looks like: QuickBooks Mac helpline number
  3. Step: If you are still getting this same screen aren’t allowing you to work. Try to run Data rebuilding open your QuickBooks go the option file and hover over utilities and select form the list Data Rebuilding before you run this please back up your data.
  4. Step: After trying Data Rebuilding if you are still getting the same screen and your QuickBooks Freezing  up now try Verify data may be this will work.
  5. Step: If Data Rebuilding and Data verification won’t work then try to Condense Data before proceeding with this option do consult with customer first.


If you have any more issue with QuickBooks mac or getting any error code please call our QuickBooks Mac support phone number at 1800 470 6903 .


  • Q: Why I am getting this error on QuicmBooks Mac”These was problem loading the content please try later” ?

A: Some times this could be an issue with the update please try to update you QuickBoks and re-launch you software this would work.If still you getting this error then uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks.

  • Q: I am getting QuickBooks Mac error “QuickBooks is damage can’t be opened” ! Please tell me how to fix it ?

A: If you are getting this error message please try to Restart you Mac in safe mode and see if you get the same message. Press and hold the sift key and restart you mac computer this would work.

  • Q: Why I am getting QuickBooks Error -15 on file conversion of Mac ?

A: This error may be reason of data issue you have on your QuickBooks Mac. Try to data rebuilding or verify data.

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