While trying open Company file getting Unrecoverable Error ?

How to Fix unrecoverable error while Opening Company file

Well as far as this error is concern can have more than one reference error codes which might could help you to find exact reason for this issue :

  • Unrecoverable Error code 0000 14775
  • Unrecoverable Error code 17921 74243 during Backup
  • Unrecoverable Error code 12101 87821 while opening company file
  • Unrecoverable Error code 13730 84631 while closing company file
  • Unrecoverable Error code 02457 79428 On QuickBooks Home screen
  • Unrecoverable Error code 00551 46274 attempting to do Backup
  • Unrecoverable Error code  20888 41171 while trying to open previous company file
  • Unrecoverable Error code 20103 33023 During Direct deposit
  • Unrecoverable Error code 19758 63847 while saving transaction
  • Unrecoverable Error code  00227 55008 while creating company file
  • Unrecoverable Error code 00000 15204

Note: Before you start with Troubleshooting make sure you are using updated version of QuickBooks .

If are QuickBooks Multi user please check if any specific user has this problem or all the users.

If any specific user has this issue then Create new user instantly and try again.

Note: If admin user is damage please Run QuickBooks File Doctor instantly .

Open sample company file to test whether it’s an issue with Software or Company file which will help QuickBooks Technical support to help you in better way.

Perform QuickBooks Clean installation and check if you are still getting this error or not.

If you still unable to resolve this issue then try to create new user on windows.


Well after trying all these steps if you won’t reach no where and still getting this error please call our QuickBooks error support team to get instant support at 1800 470 6903 .

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