System Requirements For QuickBooks Point Of Sale 13.0

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System Requirements For QuickBooks Point Of Sale 13.0

1. Minimum RAM required for each work station must be 1 GB or above.
2. Minimum  disk space required  must be at least 1 GB (more space required for data files)
3. Screen Resolution must be optimised to  1024 x 768
4. Operating Systems Required:

  • Microsoft Windows XP , 32-bit, all editions 3
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista, all editions
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  1. System must be compatible to run Microsoft Office and should contains all the updated versions.

Invalid Product Number in QUickBooks Point Of Sale 13.0

Invalid Product Number is when you enter a wrong product key during the installation of your software.
mostly the error code displayed is  Quickbooks Pos Error Code : 176109.
But inputting a wrong product key can not be the only cause of this error.
There are several other possibilities due to which the user may experience this problem.

Some of them are –

1. The folder with the name of “Point Of Sale” may be damaged or may contain damaged files.
2.  As stated above, wrong product key is entered during the time of installation.
3.  You need to log off the windows and log in as administrator.

How to fix the problem-

To fix the files you need to access the Program Data files, which may be hidden, so there are the steps to get the access to this folder-

Solution1.  Delete the files and the contents of the  titled user folder.

1. Go to the left windows corner and navigate to  C:>Program Data>Titled user>v8.
2. Hold CTRL and A key together to select all the contents and press delete from the keyboard once all the files are selected.
3. Press Yes for the confirmation.
4. Restart your Point of Sale application and register again if required.

If by any chance the problem is not resolved, you may call on 800-470-6903 to verify that the code used for validation is correct.

Solution2. Change the name of WSActivity file-

   1. Navigate the left windows to  C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini

   2.Rename the WSActivity file by right clicking on it.
   3. Input OLDWSActivity and save it by clicking anywhere.
   4. Close all the windows and try Solution 1.
   5. Restart QuickBooks Point Of Sale application.

Solution3. Completely uninstall the Point Of Sale folder and re-install it.
If you are unable to perform any of the above method, try reinstalling the whole program again.

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