Solution For Display Color Problem In QuickBooks

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QuickBooks Display Color Problem

( White Coloured fields of display now appear black)


If while using QuickBooks you encounter that all white fields of QuickBooks display now appear black in color then you must perform steps mentioned below to repair the problem or call QuickBooks Technical support from being secured from account hacking and program corruption simply call at 1800-470-6903 for free assistance.

Always use QuickBooks in windowed screen mode to be secured from getting QuickBooks account hacked.

These are solutions that may help you.


Solution 1: Restart your system and try to run QuickBooks.


Solution 2: Restart the Process of QuickBooks.

Before running QuickBooks again as soon as you close it to make sure that the processes are not still running.


  • Apply right click on windows taskbar, Select Task manager.
  • Now you will see app running processes in the Processes tab.
  • Highlight QuickBooks(32-bit) or QBW32.exe and click on end task.


Solution 3: By running Run reboot.bat.

  • Close QuickBooks.
  • On QuickBooks icon on the desktop apply right click and select properties.
  • Choose open file location option.
  • Apply right click on the file named as reboot.bat and click on run as administrator.
  • Now you will see a CMD of command window with rapidly scrolling texts. Do not close windows during the process.
  • When the process is done check if the problem was solved.


Solution 4: Update Graphics Card ( Video Card)  drivers to the latest release.

  • Press Windows key+R Key which will open run command window.
  • Enter dxdiag in search enter.
  • Select the option of display 1. Note down manufacturer and model number.
  • Download important updates-







Solution 5: By changing windows theme back to basic

  • On your desktop apply right-click anywhere in the display where there is empty space and select personalize option.
  • Choose the basic theme of the window.
  • Restart system.
  • Check if the error is resolved.


Solution 6: Editing QBW.ini file.

  • Close QuickBooks application.
  • Press windows key on the keyboard.
  • Copy and paste the path in the search bar-

QuickBooks Support

  • Scroll to the end of the file and past text- :[COLOUR]classic=0
  • Save the QBW.ini file.
  • Check if the problem is resolved.
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