Software to Recover Precious Financial Data From Severely Damaged QuickBooks File

QuickBooks was initially launched as accounting software for the small business ownerswho does not have proper accounting knowledgeSoon it was a hit among entrepreneurs and small business houseswho can not afford professional accountantsBeing much advanced since its adventnow the software is widely used as a true professional accounting software with double-entry accounting functions and full audit trail capabilitiesButlike any other software applicationthere are timeswhen QuickBooks gets corrupt and all the data in it becomes inaccessibleAs it is quite clear that no organization can afford to lose its important financial informationthere are many QuickBooks repair software available in the current marketwhich can help recovering the QuickBooks file.

If the QuickBooks file has been corrupt and you are trying to access itQuickBooks flashes various error messages on the screenOne such error message can be written as below:

“An error occurs when QuickBooks tried to access the company file (-6189, -816)

There can be a number of possible reasons behind the occurrence of the above errorButusually the contradiction with some installed encryption software lead to the corruption of the QuickBooks fileApart from thisthe reason behind the problem can be the damage to the Transaction Log file (TLG), which is causing the problem while synchronizing information with the QuickBooks file.

You can perform the below steps to resolve the root cause of problems and regain access to the inaccessible QuickBooks file:

  • If your system has any encryption software installedwhich is contradicting with QuickBooks then first makes the software disable and restart the systemIt the problem is still therefollow the below steps.
  • In order to avoid synchronization of the TLG with Quickbooks filejust rename the Transaction Log file as below:
  • Choose the Explore option by making a right click on the Windows Start button
  • Brose through the folders and locate the Transaction Log file with an ‘.tlg’ file extension
  • Make a right click on the Transaction Log file and rename it by suffixing the same with the word‘OLD’
  • After performing the above stepstry to access the QuickBooks file

If the problem is still thereyou need to look into your backup server for a valid backup of the QuickBooks file and restore itUnfortunatelyif there is no recent valid backupyou can take the help of any third party QuickBooks recovery software to do the job.

These software are powerful enough to repair severely damaged QuickBooks files and recover all your precious data in their original formatTake it for sure that these software are completely risk-free in their recovery process and are simple in use.

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