How to Setup sales tax In QuickBooks .

Setting Up sales Tax in QuickBooks.

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Sales Tax is an integral part of Business,If you are using QuickBooks Than you should know How to setup sales tax for the first.


Setting Up Sales Tax ,Paying Sales Tax,Tracking Sales Tax

In this Article We are going to cover sales tax.

What you going to do if your business you pay sales tax.

Than setup your sales Tax today.

On top of your Main menu got to “Edit” & Scroll Down to “Preferences” ,In the left hand menu select “Sales Tax” on this screen click on “Company Preferences”. On this Screen you need to enable few options.

First Question you will see on this Screen is: Do you change Sales Tax make sure you enable “Yes” on this screen .

Next Option you see “Owe Sales Tax” where you have two options Leave it default.

Next Options : “Default Sales Tax Codes” here you can catigorize what’s taxable & what’s not.

The most Important option on this screen is “How often you pay sales tax” you will have three options Underneath it: Monthly,Quarterly,Annually. Make your choice accordingly.

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Next Options is : “Setting Up most common sales tax” this option depends upon your geographical location. This state you are in,So you tax will apply accordingly.

So you can make or setup your choice accordingly.

After this next step is “How to setup your sales tax”.

On you home screen Go to “Items & Services List “ or from top Menu you can also select “Lists”.

Next Screen will open if you see bottom of this screen,You will see lists of sales Tax and their percentages.

But if you want to set your Own tax Item, From bottom in the corner select Option Item & than Click on new Item.

Next Set up Screen will open and add sales tax accordingly.

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