How to setup and file 1099 forms?

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Let get started knowing about What’s 1099 : It’s kind of form filed by self employed individual. These various types of 1099 form some of them will explain in this article.

  • 1099 MISC: This form is the summary of non employee/ Self employed as per IRS standards for entire year. Report in this form can shown in form of check and cash incomes categories that falls under this form are Rent, independent contractor, Insurance. QuickBooks can do E-filing and track report for your and print this form. unable to print 1099 form
  • Form 1096 : It’s Compilation of all the 1099 MISC form and QuickBooks allow user to print this form on pre printed form. quickbooks payroll support
  • 1099 K: This form is filed by all electronic payment processors.This form isn’t applicable for QuickBooks users . quickbooks error support

and the answer is if you have any contractor or and non salaried employee who isn’t part of your payroll.In this case to avoid any IRS monetary penalty you require to file this form.

  • In QuickBooks 1099 setup wizard will help you setup your 1099 MISC form in few easy steps. Electronic payment made through Credit Card or debit card those payment will not be shown on 1099 MISC because for that 1099 K is applicable for companies Paypal and Visa.
  • Cash, Checks and Bill payments will fall under 1099 MISC but unpaid bill will not be included
  • You will find 18 boxes on 1099 MISC and per IRS Threshold . QuickBOOKS and intuit E Filing would only support boxes started form 1 to 10 during mapping account. If you have want set any box for compensation choose Box 6 and threshold is $600.
  • You have to change vendor 1099 status to wizard automatically your vendors will change into company file.

If you got more questions about 1099MISC please call out quickbooks support at 1800 470 6903.


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