How to set up Employees for Payroll in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise

Setting up employees for Payroll in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise

This article is based on QuickBooks Pro but you can follow same steps on all versions. Open you QuickBooks and click on Employees centre as its shown in Image Down below.

QuickBooks Payroll Set up

  • Once you Click on this Option next window will open

QuickBooks Help

  • Employee centre just look like customer centre and vendor centre

support for QuickBooks

On this page you will see all the information related to Employees on the right hand side you have all the reports. And down at the bottom you will see all the transactions. On this window you have all the options to check which employees has missed the check or any kind of change you would wish to make. If you want to open any of employee check information you can open that by just clicking on to pay check.

QuickBooks Number

QuickBooks Payroll to due’s windows which shows list of information which you haven’t paid

QuickBooks Payroll notes window

QuickBooks Payroll notes window allow you to add notes if you have any Specific information or future notes.

QuickBooks Payroll number

This windows will allow you to set up new customer . This is personal information window which allow you to enter all your employees personal information like Name and all basic information. This screen would allow you to put all information about as specific employee you are setting for.

Intuit payroll help desk

Next window is The address window where you can enter your employees address information.

QuickBooks Payroll Tech support

This additional information window which allow you to set any additional information for employee if you want to set employees id or something.

intuit payroll support

This is the payment screen for where actually starts with payroll. This screen you can set up the date of your payroll on this screen you can schedule payroll as well if you have big organisation and you pay some of the employees weekly and some monthly so you can set them all. Another most important information you see on this screen is direct deposit which you can set up with your bank. Along with this you can also set up taxes on this screen.




  • Q: My QuickBooks is keep on crashing while I am trying to open it?

A: Well some times this issue could be related to QuickBooks compatibility it depends upon which version of QuickBooks you are using and which Os you have.

If you are using windows 8, 8.1 and windows 10 and you are facing this issue with QuickBooks Pro 2017, QuickBooks Pro 2016 or QuickBooks Enterprise you may try to repair your software.

  • Q: Why I am getting Bank Account Error 103  and it’s not accepting my sign in information ?

A: If you are getting this error code you can try to disconnect and re connect your bank account. To do that Click on Transactions and click on Edit account info and disconnect. Same way you can go ahead and reconnect back account as well.


If you have any issue on your QuickBooks payroll you can all Intuit Payroll Support at any time at 1800 910 6880.




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