How to send invoice using QuickBooks ?

How to Email Invoices from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting platform with so many breath taking features. One the best feature QuickBooks has sending an invoice via email.Through which you don’t have to wait for payments and you can just change your customer on the go. In this article, I am going to explain you how to send invoice using QuickBooks.

First step is to setup your email on QuickBooks to do that follow these steps.

  • Open your QuickBooks Home screen and we go to Edit

QuickBooks Email Setup

  • Then go to preferences

quickbooks email issue

  • On preferences go down to the bottom and select send form

quickbooks customer service

  • You going to see three options

Automatica Check the box if customer wants to receive email ,this feature will remind you to send email.

There are three ways to send email on QuickBooks but now days on QuickBooks 2018 just two ways.

  • Web mail
  • Outlook
  • QuickBooks Email

QuickBooks help desk phone number

  • Here in the article we are going to to add webmail so you can send email via your existing email.

QuickBooks mail setup

  • On next windows you can enter you email information what ever you wish to prefer

How to setup email in QuickBooks pro

  • Now you can add your email and you can have more then one email as well.
  • Next step is to email invoice if you havn’t created invoice yet please create a new one or if you have an existing invoice just go ahead and send.

QuickBooks File recovery

If you are having any issue with sending invoice or sending email through your QuickBooks you can always call QuickBooks Support phone Number at 1800 470 6903.


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