Send estimates to your customer via QuickBooks Email Service

How to Email estimates to customer

User emailing estimates for the first time

  • On main menu go to customer menu and Click on create estimates
  • To send this Click on Arrow option
  • Check email address and setting
  • Click edit next to file option
  • Then go to preferences
  • Check go to emails
  • And click on Edit email information
  • Check Emails including sender and receiver
  • If you want add more emails to send this information to multiple people

To add more then one email then their is an option to edit CC and BCC. Now you can add multiple email addresses.

For more service you can create Intuit Business service account to get more offers and Better automation

How to Create Intuit Business Services account:

  • Always allow our server to have full access to you software for latest update and features. Because if these service disabled or any of the QuickBooks Related service is disabled Contact QuickBooks Technical support for help.
  • Don’t keep windows updates on automatic update.
  • Any time you need some steps about any setup related query Click on Help from main menu.

If you still need more help call QuickBooks Help at 1800 470 6903.

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