How to Recover & Reset QuickBooks Password.

QuickBooks Password Recovery

Why do you need to recover or reset Quickbooks Password.

Reason : When someone has you password and not working with your company any more.Or may be you forgot your password.

Note: These is built in Auto Password Removal Tool is their in the QuickBooks.

This tool is applicable for all QuickBooks Versions starting From Pro to Enterprise .

Step 1:

 Click on your Company file as soon as you do that it will ask you for Password. Type in what ever                    password you want.Since you don’t know the Password entered credential will give error. Just next to            the password box there will be an option to Reset Pass word Click On that.

Step 2:     Next this windows will Open:

QuickBooks Password Recovery Support

  Fill in the information as it show in Image.

  To see your Licence information on QuickBooks you can always Press F2 key (Applicable for Windows         User)

These few more ways to pull up this tool By going into help menu and typing “How to reset QuickBooks Password” will also open same windows. Or els you can Try you will still find this tool.

 Step 3:

 Once you ended up filling up all required information and Hit enter you will receive and password reset       code on your email.

For more information you can follow this video:


Since this an old video so the product which is shown in Video is QuickBooks Pro 2011.

Get Connected with QuickBooks Customer Service phone Number 

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