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Why QuickBooks has stop working

This is error is more prominent on older versions of QuickBooks starting from QuickBooks 2008 till QuickBooks 2014. Ever since windows 10 has released most of the people had issue with their older version.

Product which got this issue more frequently and not supported by Intuit : QuickBooks Pro 2008 ,QuickBooks Pro 2007, QuickBooks Pro 2009, QuickBooks Pro 2010, QuickBooks Pro 2011, QuickBooks Pro 2012 ,QuickBooks Pro 2013.

Users who have not upgraded their software yet may face this issue more frequently. Intuit has suggested upgrade for latest version of QuickBooks. But the question remain what about Company file because most most scenarios we have experience these users Unable to update company file.

QuickBooks Desktop won't open


Root Cause: This is considered to be compatibility issue with latest Operating system and if you won’t upgrade your software for long time user may have this issue.Because software cannot run for long time without maintenance update. Open of the possible reason for this issue could the size of the company file.Or user may be missing QBUSER.INI file or maybe this file is damage.

Consequences : If you software has stop working and you are unable to update your company file even after buying the latest version of QuickBooks. Since not having a functionality or QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery user can lost the entire data file or may lose huge amount of data.

Solution :

  • First solution is recommanded by intuit is upgrade of the software
  • Even after upgrade you unable to update company file on latest version of QuickBooks you may try to open this company file older version of the QuickBooks.
  • If QBUSER.ini file is missing of damage user may have registration issue with could lead to QuickBooks Error 3371.
  • If may try to rename this file, You will find this file in the default location for QuickBooks Company file.
  • QuickBooks has stop working,QuickBooks not responding or QuickBooks won’t open fall under the same solution please follow these step to fix this issue. And if you are unable to update Company file from an older version to newer version please call intuit data services at 1800 910 6880 for support.

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