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QuickBooks Point Of Sale : Overview Of Store Exchange


Transfer between Headquarter and a remote store is what Store Exchange means.Data is exchanged in a form of mailbag which are compressed form of data which is compressed to reduce the file of size.


Store exchange consists of two components:-


Sending Files – Which means creation of mailbag and transferring them to other stores.

Receiving Files – Receiving mailbags which were sent to you.


When a remote store gets installed it necessary to receive a mail bag from the headquarter in order to configure company inventory, related files & preferences. It’s also recommended that you must do store exchange on daily basis and make sure that :


  • Item quantity of each store is notified to every store
  • Transaction made by each store is submitted to headquarter.
  • Company reports keep updated
  • Remote store  keep updated about changes in Inventory, list of vendors,and purchase order by headquarter.


Exchange of information between stores

From headquarter to remote stores


  • Items & inventory ,vendor lists,department, item quantities,prices and cost.
  • Changes in price and record of discount.
  • Store designated purchase orders.
  • Customer
  • All company preferences including codes of store, headings, levels of price, instruction regarding sales tax, deposit requirements for customer orders.
  • If required item images can be sent in a separate exchange files.


There are some items that are not meant to be sent to remote stores which are-

Transaction documents created by headquarter

Employee and security configuration settings

Preferences regarding store specific workstation


The format of store exchange file sent from remote store to headquarter are snn00001.qbt where snn means store number.

From remote store to headquarter

  • Documents of transaction, receipts, memos of adjustments, vouchers and transfer slips.
  • Customer orders
  • Added customer reports , edited ones or one’s being deleted since last of exchanges.
  • Records of time clock
  • Z- out count drawers

Data that is not meant to be transferred:

Inventory and related files

Records of employees

Setting of security

Store workstation related preferences


The format of store exchange file sent from remote store to headquarter are snn00001.qbt where snn means store number.


Activities allowed by store type


Inventory Management

quickbooks support

Receiving and Purchasing

quickbooks support


quickbooks support

Preferences for workstation

quickbooks support


Point Of Sale Store Exchange Configurations


These instruction are for installation and configuration of company data file.



  • Setting total number of stores operated by your company
  • Open file menu , choose preferences and after that choose company
  • From the left panel select multi-store and then Store codes/classes
  • In section  of number of stores click on dropdown and select the total number of stores operated by your company.
  • Save at last


  • Store exchange Preference configuration
  • Click on file menu and then choose Preferences and click on company
  • From left panel select multi-store and then choose store exchange
  • Set your preferences and At last save it

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  • Setting store headings
  • Open the file menu, choose Preferences and then click on company
  • From left panel select multi-store and from there select store headings.
  • Now from the dropdown menu select prefered store and keep headings updated
  • At last save them


Remote stores


These are information meant to be clottected from the very beginning .


  • Licence number through server workstation at headquarter
  • Email address, media information that is removable
  • Password for store exchange from headquarter


In order to configure remote store


  • Install QuickBooks POS on server workstation
  • When prompted simply create a new POS company data file having a unique name
  • Run the interview setup to configure a store specific setting
  • When you are on other store interview page enter:
  • Headquarter server workstation licence number
  • Communication method and location to send file or email address, enter these :

Desktop Email : Headquarter email address

Web based email : specify the correct folder in which exchange mailbag is being copied.this folder is used to attach file while creating email.

Removable Media : browse to the drive  to be used

Network File Transfer :browse to folder of POS installation in headquarter server workstation

Intuit Services :  it will be autofilled leave it blank


  • Now simply complete the setup to configure store settings.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Technical support number – 1800-470-6903

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