QuickBooks Point Of Sale error Invalid Product Number

Point Of Sale Quickbooks Error : 176109

Whenever you are trying to use QuickBooks Point of Sale and you are getting this error code ?

The reason may be one of these :

* The files in the folder named “QuickBooks Point of Sale”  are infected and they may damage the data.
* While installation there is a possibility that the product key entered was incorrect.
* Log out and Log in as an administrator in Windows.

The data files are hidden in a folder and there may be a possibility that you would have problem locating them, in this case follow these steps:-

1. Clear the data by deleting all the files of client folder.

Go to the left window and open drive C>Program Data>Intuit >Client>v8.

Select all the files by  clicking CTRL key and letter A key together and press delete.
Select the confirmation pop up.
Restart the application and register again to use Point Of Sale QuickBooks.

If you are still unable to use the services, call on :- 1800 470 6903

2. Change the name of the file WSActivity :-

Open drive C > Program Data>Intuit>QuickBooks Point of Sale XX>Ini.

Rename the file by Right clicking on the WSActivity file.

Manually input the OLDWSActivity  and click anywhere you want to save.

Restart Point Of Sales for QuickBooks.

3. Delete the Point of Sales software and install it again.

If any of the above solutions are not useful for your system, try contacting our technical team or try reinstalling the version of the software.

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