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The error of can’t complete the current action due to a missing component

There are several problems like can’t complete the current action due to the missing component, and this problem can be solved when you update your Quickbooks always. For best and exceptional results make sure they are up to date. And follow the following steps to ensure the troubleshooting of this issue.

Try to follow each troubleshoot accordingly

Você não pode completar a ação atual devido a um componente em falta.

  1. Baixar Quickbooks e correr
  2. Se a primeira completa é acabamentos, tentar abrir o arquivo PDF que estava tendo problema
  3. começar de novo o seu sistema e tente abrir o arquivo novamente
  4. tente entrar em contato com seus profissionais de TI, a fim de autenticar XPS e seus serviços, se ele pertence 2008 e 2012, Às vezes, os XPS ficar desligado por evasão e o conflito com Quickbooks se você gerenciar seu servidor
  5. se você tiver direitos de ser o administrador que você tem que logar novamente
  6. try to follow up with 2008 instructions of windows article of XPS enabling
  7. if you are sure that XPS viewer is turned on and available try to enter your PDF file in QuickBooks again

It is important to follow window server of 2012 if it fails to open PDF files, you will have to contact your IT professionals in order to print in the Quickbooks

Can’t complete the current action due to a missing component .2

  • Most commonly it is found that we don’t use terminal services despite using windows, the best solution is to troubleshoot your problem through adobe reader.

Can’t complete the current action due to a missing component 2.1

  1. try to see if the document of XPS is easily printed outside the Quickbooks
  2. open any web engine and try to print it
  3. select XPS of Microsoft as a printer too and then print
  4. on your main screen save the file
  5. try to change the permission so that it could save the file is it is not available on desktop
  6. install the XPS again if you are unable to print it again from Quickbooks
  7. contact your Microsoft XPS professional for further assistance

Can’t complete the current action due to a missing component 2.2

  1. if you’re unable to print you need to install the writer again of Microsoft XPS
  2. go to internet explorer and in the computer tab shown in upper left click it
  3. choose the option of changing a program or canceling the installation
  4. change the viewer and service of XPS off by turning it off or on in windows
  5. check by clicking it on or off and enabling to see the problem is solved and the file can be tested in Quickbooks
  6. reinstall the printer again

Can’t complete the current action due to a missing component 2.3


  1. in the control panel go to devices and search the printers and uninstall it
  2. try to achieve the permission of windows to print from Quickbooks, if you don’t have the permission you won’t be able to print it
  3. try again to create the PDF file in Quickbooks
  4. QuickBooks Pdf component missing

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