QuickBooks integration with Stripe by Sush.io

QuickBooks Integration with Sush.io

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Sush.io is and Accounting app available to integrate with QuickBooks and you can put your accounting activities Such as Sales receipt,Fees,Refunds,deposits and many more in automatic way with the help of this application.


  • Easy to reconcile

Since Sush.io can integrate with QuickBooks Completely. This allows user to transfer their Stripe transactions into QuickBooks and Sush.io match them automatically with your bank statement. All you need to do just approve your transactions that you want to reconcile.

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  • Easy to Sync your Refunds,Fees in your QuickBooks

Its very easy to sync your Refunds,Fees and Stripe charges in your QuickBooks .

Your will see automatically charges and refund receipt in your QuickBooks .

QuickBooks Sync Manager







  • Charges and Fees under one account

When ever you create and Transfer from Stripe to you back account. Sush.io automatically do the categorisation in your QuickBooks.Quickbooks pro support










  • Your can personalise your Setup

Its very easy with Sush.io to personalise your calculation as well. You can simply setup according to your choice what all you want to calculate for customer.QuickBooks Phone Number








How to integrate with your QuickBooks

Steps to follow

First login into your QuickBooks after that your Sush.io application will ask you to Authorise login with QuickBooks.

Next find your QuickBooks Company file to Sync this application if you have existing company file. If you don’t have any existing company file you can create one with Sush.io.

After this it will ask you to connect with your stripe account.

Once all done on next screen it will ask you select dates from to which date you want to sync your data.

once it’s done hit next.

On next Screen you will see three options choose the last one .Which would allow all your stripe customer detail will sync in QuickBooks as well.

Finish with selecting which account you want for your charges,fees and transfers.

For more information you can follow this video :

If you have any Question or Suggestions related to this process you can always call QuickBooks Support Phone Number at 1800 470 6903.

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