Quickbooks For Mac Features

Quickbooks for Mac

If you talk about QuickBooks its available in different versions in both operating system including windows and mac.
Today I am going to explain and illustrate about Quickbooks for mac feature what’s new and why it’s different from others and windows based versions.

Expense Tracker

The first and most incredible feature which is added in Quickbooks for mac is Expenses tracker which only available with QuickBooks for mac.You can directly go into transaction center.
This transaction center is unique in Quickbooks for mac.On the same page, you can see expenses tracker which is a new feature added in this.If gives the option to filter all the expenses accordingly and you can narrow down you search.
And the Next feature is you can select multiple transactions by pressing shift and then you print and email them in one go.

Improved Budgets

Now another feature is new improved budget feature, click on company menu then click on setup budget
This menu may look similar to Quickbooks enterprise in windows but here you can make changes in you budget.According to you, preferences by clicking in the bottom right-hand corner
you can change months or by year.You can also create a new budget by clicking on top right-hand side, This enables you to create the budget for different years for profit & loss and balance sheet.
Specifically, in the profil&loss budget, you can change your preferences according to the customer or by class or just general.
After you do budget you can check budget report by going into the report menu click on budget report, that,s the new budget feature for QuickBooks Mac 2015

Import transactions

If you click on file then go to import and then select transactions you will
see the list of the options which only available in QuickBooks mac 2015 on the other if you compare with QuickBooks pro-2015 for windows it way ahead.Because in QuickBooks windows to have all these features you have to have
accountant addition.But in mac, it’s available with QuickBooks pro.

For more information Just check out this video:

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