QuickBooks file doctor

What is QuickBooks file doctor


If you are unable to open a company’s file of QuickBooks, QuickBooks file doctor will help you out to get you back to run it as soon as possible. A QuickBooks file doctor is a tool which can help you in the following cases:

  • The errors messages of QuickBooks, -6417, -6130, -6150, -6000 -82 or -6000 -301 occurs if you open any QuickBooks
  • The list of customers, clients or working employees gets missing or completely blank.
  • An error message of opening QuickBooks file due to multi-user or the setup of network
  • The file of sample company is being opened but the original file is unable to open

How QuickBooks file doctor can help you resolve these issues.

  • The most updated version of QuickBooks 2015 should be downloaded and updated; the computer might ask you to run a built-in file of QuickBooks file doctor, which can only be achieved if the update of this software is completely working smoothly. This is importing to resolve your issue quickly
  • Make sure that the updated version of QuickBooks not only works in windows but mac too. If not please contact the professionals
  1. You will have to download the QuickBooks file doctor in your computer. If there is an existing file of QuickBooks file doctor updated and working an icon of green QuickBooks file doctor will be shown, which means that you already have the latest version of update QuickBooks file doctor. Make sure that you have uninstalled all the previous updates and version of this file for better results.
  2. The instruction will show on your screen for further installing QuickBooks file doctor after the download is completed on a computer, follow the instruction by clicking the file named QBFD.EXE. Make sure that Microsoft Net is enabled in order to complete installation on windows 10 if the file is not proceeding further.
  3. Most of the time an icon of green color is hidden under taskbar if by any chance the QuickBooks file doctor doesn’t open the file automatically.
  4. There will be a list showing last 10 files opened, search the file to open it from the list if you’re unable to open it, browse for it and locate then continue further.
  5. You will be opting for any one of the options:
  • The error showing the multi-user while using QuickBooks when opening a company’s file
  • If opening the file of the company, you receive an error of problem connection of network or damaged file.
  1. Select next after entering your password for admin account of your company
  2. Select any host or server from where you will be working; make sure to select the right one. The workstation is when you want to use it from another computer and QuickBooks is not installed here, pick server is to use only for one computer
  3. Select yes or no to confirm the sharing of company’s file
  4. Let QuickBooks file doctor search and troubleshoot the problem
  5. After the problem is solved, make sure to open the file once again to confirm that the issue is completely resolved, not temporarily.
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