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QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 or -6000, -106 when opening or accessing the company file


 Intuit quickbooks recommend  users several solutions in order to recover from the errors listed below: –

  • QuickBooks Error-6000,-82
  • QuickBooks Error-6000,-106

Here are those solutions to recover from these errors ,the first of the all solutions below may fix the errors but in case is does not recover user should try all the solutions listed below:-

IMPORTANT:Before proceeding further make sure that the Quickbooks is updated to the latest version released by Intuit.It is also recommended by Quickbooks to install and run the Quickbooks file doctor tool before performing any of the troubleshooting steps below.

Solution 1 : Erase the space after your company name and  before your company file extension

  • You have to log out your quickbooks from all the machines you have logged in .
  • The song step is to open the folder where company file is stored in ur system .
  • Now you just have to press right click on the company file and select the rename option.
  • To proceed further click on the name of the company file, and check that if there are any spaces between the file extension  and the name  of the company , if there are any spaces just erase those spaces.

-If the issue is not resolved, proceed further to the second solution

Solution 2 : Verification of the hosting status of each of the  computer on which Quickbooks is used

  • For single-user access of the Quickbooks, just turn off the hosting mode:

*Note:This process of turning off the hosting mode  disables the  multi-user access to quickbooks.

1- From the upper left corner of your screen, select the File>Utilities>Stop Hosting Multiuser Access

2- When the message  “Stop hosting multi-user  access” pops up just click on “YES”.

3-When the message “Company file must be closed” pops up just click on “YES”.

  • For multi-user access of the Quickbooks:

*Note:This error of  Quickbooks usually indicates the multiuser access which means that more than one computers are using Quickbooks and are not set up  properly for the multiuser access.

1- On each of the computers displaying this error:

     a. In  the window “No Company Open”, select the option File menu and choose Utilities .

     b. Make sure that the menu option “Host multiuser access”, which states that they are already hosting     

         Multi-user access

2- On any of the computers using multi-user is displaying  the message “Stop Muti-User access”, select the option which says Stop hosting multi-user access and just keep following the prompts to turn off hosting.

3-Now after following the troubleshooting steps try opening  the file with the problem again . The window for log in will now be displayed

-If the issue is yet not resolved , please proceed for the third solution

Solution 3 : For using the multi-user access, just switch  hosting local and remote files mode

*Note:This procedure  shall only be followed if previous method of troubleshooting  fail to  resolve the error message.

1-With Quickbooks open the product information window , to do so press the F2 key  on your keyboard which will open the product information window.

2-Make sure that Local server information that is given at the bottom of the window ,the hosting  should be set to local files only.

3-Now select the File menu and select the option which says “Switch to multi-user mode”.

4-Now open your company file on a network computer using the Quickbooks, For getting more information about it , see the Quickbooks in-Product help or  set up  multi-user or network for Quickbooks resource page.

5-Once the company file is opened by you , from your keyboard press the F2 key to open the window with the product information

6-Now verify that under the Local server information which is found at the bottom  of the window, the hosting is set to local files only.

Reminder:In order to provide other Quickbooks user  with continues access to company files, the computer that is used for hosting multi-user access must be left on , and the other computer which is used for  setting up quickbooks must remain logged in :however it is not necessary that quickbooks app must remain open.

-If the issue is not resolved by third solution continue to follow fourth solution

Solution 4 : Restarting of the client computer using QuickBooks

By following the procedure of restarting the client computer using quickbooks will bring the computer up from scratch and wipes away the current state of the software.

If the issue is not resole even now follow the fifth and the last solution to get rid of this error message

Solution 5 : By following the standard data trouble shooting

It is possible that your company file data is being damaged . To resolve data damage issue  contact quickbooks customer support.

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