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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about QuickBooks error the file exists


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If you opening up the QuickBooks and it is continuously showing up the message of error for “the file Exist” then it is probably because the file might be opened in another program or used by another program or it is a read-only file. In all of these cases, it will show you a window error “the file exists”.

There are two ways suggested by QuickBooks expert and QuickBooks user to solve the issue. The first one is not the actual solution but an easy way to get out of trouble. Check out the instruction below for solution.

Solution 1:

First scenario could be while user trying to update payroll tax table may get error QuickBooks Error “the file exists”. Possible reason could be Payroll or QuickBooks Update which isn’t install. Exist out of QuickBooks and open your software again, If it gives you prompt to update then please proceed and may be this would resolve this issue.

Solution 2:

This solution is suggested by the experts and they have described some of the issues when this pop up appears. As it states, that it usually happens whenever you are downloading an update for your payroll or opening up the Tex form of state or government or when you are paying up your liabilities which has been scheduled.

You will see a pop up on your window and it read a message saying:

  • The file you want to be opened especially cannot be opened. In this case, you have to make sure that it is not being used or opened in another program. It can also face this error because this file might be read-only.
  • Or the other issue that can be faced is (windows) The File Exists.

This error is usually faced by the QuickBooks when the file opened is read incorrectly by the computer.

To clear up the error you follow the following listed instructions:

  1. Click on the OK button when you see the error message appeared on your screen
  2. After clicking the OK button you will notice the install bar is progressing, let it complete until 100% as it will let the update being installed properly.
  3. Once it is done you have to make sure that all latest updates are installed on the QuickBooks. If not you have to download it and install it properly.
  4. Once all of the above steps are completed Close the QuickBooks and restart your computer. When you will reopen you QuickBooks open it up as an

The error is known to resolve if you are using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9 or 10 but if the error still exists. You can follow an additional step to configure your firewalls for the QuickBooks or Run Reboot.bat.

After Trying all these steps if you still unable to resolve this issue please call QuickBooks Technical Support Expert at 1800 470 6903

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