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Fix Error Code 80029c4a


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Similar Error Codes:  QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

What happened when error comes any of your software, machine or May be any of your folder or files ?

quickbooka number

You get STUCK!

If you are stuck, what next you do ?

You will always shift to SOLUTION.

Now we will tell you how to Fix this Error !


As far as this Error is CONCERN this can be fixed by updating your Quickbooks and your Company files .

If still problem continues all you go to do

On your keyboard press and hold windows key and press letter R.

Then RUN windows will open,Type in their APPWIZ.CPL

This action will take you to Program windows of your computer.

Here you will see list of application installed on your computer.

Please choose QuickBooks and do right click on it.

You will see two different options UNINSTALL & REPAIR  .

Please select REPAIR can fix QuickBooks .dll and patch files .

Once this activity would finished restart your QuickBooks and it will work fine.And don’t forget to verify your company files.


And your more information you can always reach intuit files repair support us at 1800 910 6880.


New Update: This error has become an issues with QuickBooks for longer time. Entirely capable to damage QuickBooks Company files data in just one go.Everyday more then 20 users calls with error.

New solution of this error is only recommended for if you are know really well about computer.If you don’t know really much about computer then don’t perform these steps you may damage your computer.

Steps to follow:  Click on windows start button if you are using Windows vista or WIN 7.Or you can use windows shortcut to open run window WINDOWS+R run regedit.

This command will take user into registry part of computer which could be very complicated for a lay man.

Follow this path to delete .DLL files related to his error.Hkey_Local_Machine_Programs_key_.dllqb

just rename this entry.

Note: If you are using more than one Company files please verify all files .

QuickBooks Error code 80070057  & QuickBooks Error  80029c4a FAQ’s

  • Q: Why I am getting  Error code 80070057 even if my file isn’t on network?
  • A: If you have your Company file hosted on your computer local C: drive then may be an Issue with .nd file which could also cause this problem.You may try to Rename .nd file.
  • Q: When ever I have update on my QuickBooks copany file,Why I get Error 80029c4a even If it’s new software?
  • A: Well I am sorry to hear that but sometimes when you upgrade and if you don’t verify data on your QuickBooks Company file during upgrade you may face this issue. Please call our QuickBooks Error support expert at 1800 910 6880.

Note: We Offer support and help for all quickbooks 800 series . You may dial our QuickBooks 800 number if you have any problem getting on to your QuickBooks. We really apologize for inconvenience cause to you.

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