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QuickBooks Error -6150 -1006 in QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the widely used. People often look for QuickBooks Enterprise support and this error code could be caused by network issue. QuickBooks Being a multi user application can also cause issue with connected user as well as admin of application.

quuckbooks error cupport

Above image can give you more enlightenment about more of this error code and cause as well.


Step: Exit out of QuickBooks and ask all the user to be logged out

Step: Login as an administrator to see if application is let you login or not

Step: If you are still unable to fix this issue you may try to turn off multi hosting

Step: If still it doesn’t work then try to open a sample company file

Step: If your sample company file opens just fine then may be an issue with QuickBooks Company file

Step: To repair your company file call intuit data services at 1800 910 6880 and get instant QuickBooks Enterprise Support .

Note: This article is based on real case study was based on QuickBooks Enterprise 2017.


Q: I am getting QuickBooks Error code -6176 ‘0 can please tell me how can I fix it?

A: Well this error code is also specific to QuickBooks Enterprise or may be caused by fire wall of the computer not allowing user to connect this company file.This issue can also be resolve by turning off your computer firewall.

Q: When I open my company file getting QuickBooks Error -6129 ,101 please help me to fix it?

A: This issue is related to  multi user QuickBooks application it could be Premier , Pro or Enterprise as well. To fix this issue you may require to setup data base server manager in proper manner so that you application wouldn’t conflict with firewall.




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