QuickBooks error 6000 304 Solution

QuickBooks Error 6000 304


QuickBooks – making business easier

QuickBooks is our preferred option when it comes to maintaining books and databases of a small to medium scale business venture. It allows users to manage accounts and payrolls. Users can also keep track of your bills and payments. QuickBooks let you maintain data on remote databases through cloud technology. QuickBooks has various versions – for manufacturers, non-profitable organizations, wholesalers, and contractors, business firms. QuickBooks allows you to extract data from Excel spreadsheets. It also has online banking options, payment functions and it can be used for outsourcing too.

Errors and their types

As with all the computer programs and applications, there are some errors which occur when some instruction is not given correctly or the syntax is wrong. Some errors also occur due to wrong input and less space available to execute. There are some configurational errors and some functional errors. Because every command is executed at the same time, many errors can surface at a run time. Error 6000 and its types are some of the most common errors.

Error 6000

Error 6000 is basically a runtime error which occurs when QuickBooks is attempting to access a file or trying to open it. This error is often accompanied by a couple of digits code, specifying the type of error related to the files and memory.

Error 6000 304

Error -6000,-304 occurs when there is no sufficient disk space to run a command. When a user attempts to retrieve company file, and there is less quota or no proper space available, it will show error. It also means that the entire previously allocated quota has been utilized already. This error is also related to database corruption. This is not a harmful error and will not affect the coding or the data. This error is not too difficult to rectify.

How to remove Error 6000 304?

QuickBooks has customer services all across the globe to facilitate users if some error appears. They can be contacted through call centers or help lines. But you can also remove it yourself. As we know that this error occurs due to low disk space or low quota remaining for running the code, so what we can do is to copy the QB company file to a disk which has greater memory and disk space.

You can also increase the allocated quota so that your code can run.

Following are some of the steps you can follow to erase this error by running the Repair command.

  1. Go to control panel in Start menu. Then go to Programs and features.
  2. Select QuickBooks and click Uninstall.
  3. Click next in the QuickBooks installation window.
  4. Now select the radio button next to Repair, click next and then click Repair.
  5. Click Finish.

But if you are still getting an error, then you should Uninstall QuickBooks and install it again. It is often due to garbage data and cache that space is being occupied and by reinstalling all the unwanted data will be removed.

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