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How to solve the error 392 QuickBooks

QuickBooks accounting is the online service that is designated to provide financial and accounting help to small and medium-sized businesses. Any software can get an error. So this kind of error is also nothing to be panic about.

When an error like error 392 QuickBooks appears, it appears because of some errors with the QuickBooks Online banking transactions. Usually when you try to download the online QuickBooks transactions by using Direct Content Feature. When error 392 QuickBooks appears it usually starts crashing all active programs even your computer system may also start crashing. And a window clearly showing ‘QB Error 392 message’ appears. When the error 392 QuickBooks occurs your system might get slow. It may start responding slowly to the commands. For e.g., your system responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input, your computer may also get freeze for few seconds

The reasons behind error 392 QuickBooks can be such as

  • corrupted download,
  • incomplete installations,
  • Virus or malware infected files of QuickBooks.
  • Windows registry error
  • Any of the QuickBooks files are deleted
  • Corrupted QuickBooks file

How to fix error 392 QuickBooks:

Warning: If you are not expert you might be able to only perform simple solutions to fix error 392 QuickBooks and if the error is not solved after those simple solutions you might consult an expert person in it. Because an uncorrected editing, by an inexpert person might stop the computer from functioning.

Repair corrupted registry error:

One of the main reasons behind error 392 QuickBooks is a registry error. The simplest way to solve this issue is to contact the Support team of QuickBooks. Before starting this solution you are advised to make all possible back up of company data. However, if you wish to fix it manually you might need to follow these steps:

  • Go to start button type “Command ” and search
  • Press CTRL+Shift button along with “Enter”
  • When you will be asked for permission click “YES”
  • After that box that is black or known as command box with blinking cursor will show up” now you have to enter regedit in the search box and then choose enter
  • From the new window type “Registry Editor” and now from the Registry Editor choose the related key which is for the Error 392 that you wish to backup, your data will be backed up.


  • Open-File Menu and then select Export.


  • Now select the destination where you will store your files of the key that is for back up of QuickBooks.


  • Edit the name of the file and save it.


  • The file should be saved with an extension for the registering files

Now you would be having a backup that will of QuickBooks registry, and it will be known as an entry

Next, it’s better to consult an expert person because an editing will be needed to perform here.

Other possible solutions are:

  • Uninstallation and re-installation of the QuickBooks Program that is related to Error 39
  • Install all the Windows Updates
  • Perform a clean installation
  • Conduct a malware scanning for  your computer
  • Update your computer’s Device Driver
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