QuickBooks Enterprise Construction & Contract edition

QuickBooks Enterprise also available in contractor edition which is for construction industry professional.

In this article we are going to explain “How to create job in QuickBooks Contractors edition” .

A JOB is a contract or project for a specific Customer. The records are subsection for a job of the customer.

You can have multiple job for single Customer;

For Example……..

  • John has contract with Xyz & Co. to install network devices in new york.
  • John also has contract with  Xyz & co to install security systems in Ohio.
  • John got one more contract in Xyz & Co in PA.

Now I am going to explain you how step job under each records.

Step to follow:

  1. From Main menu Click on Customer option and open customer center.
  2. Add both the location in here
  3. Once you have both jobs added in records if you click on any of the location you will find job description
  4. Having customer center in top row extreme corner Click on New customer & Job
  5. From here by having Company name selected create new job

As it shown below:

QuickBooks Enterprise contractor edition support

  • Click on ADD JOB
  • New job window will open from where you can enter the information you have
  • We might have different payment and additional settings so you can make changes accordingly.
  • When you would add more then one job in this list they will show under your Primary job.

quickbooks enterprise support

You will find all transactions underneath your details.

Notes feature in QUickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition commonly used features by contractors.

Let me Explain you how to use it:

  1.  All you need to do is go to the customer center and click on notes
  2. On this screen you will see notes written by the owner.
  3. You can specify notes related to each job by going into manage notes
  4. From here click on Add new notes
  5. Here you can put whatever information you want for future references.




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