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QuickBooks connection has been lost abort

Usually, when you open QuickBooks an error like QuickBooks connection has been lost abort appears on the screen. Why does this error occur? The possibilities are that it cannot access the company file in your system. QuickBooks has a connection to the Company file. When that connection is lost an error like QuickBooks connection has been lost abort appears on the window and when this problem occurs the entire unsaved file before this error will need to be Re-entered.


What causes this error?      

  • When QuickBooks is being used in multi-user form with a different version of QuickBooks IN EVERY COMPUTER.
  • The data in the Company File is damaged.
  • The third party service from Anti-Virus may be interfering with QuickBooks.
  • The firewall on your computer is preventing the accessibility
  • Your computer is connected to some network and the Company file is stored in some other computer and your connection to that computer is lost.
  • If you have your company file in “portable device” connection to that device is lost.
  • When there is an Un-wired connection to the Network.
  • More than one computer in the network is authorized to host the Company file.
  • The folder where the file is stored may need additional permission.
  • Sometimes when you set ‘Power Saving’ Mode on.


The possible solution to solve the error QuickBooks connection has been lost abort are as following:

  1. Close QuickBooks and all running applications in the taskbar.
  2. The first solution is that sometimes you just need to restart your QuickBooks.
  3. If restarting the QuickBooks does not solve the error: QuickBooks connection has been lost abort then you might need to restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. Another solution is to go to control panel open QuickBooks from the list choose the uninstall/change program option. Then a window will appear. Choose from it the “Repair” Radio button. Start repairing and then check if it worked or no?
  5. Another possible solution is to move your QuickBooks Company file to some other folder.
  6. If your computer is under network connection and your company data file is stored is in some other computer make sure you are connected to that computer.
  7. If the file was stored in some portable device make sure you are connected to that device.
  8. If your computer is on Power saving mode. Go to the power management settings from the control panel and disable power saving option, sleep, and hibernation modes on the computer in which the company file is stored
  9. When more than one computer is authorized to host the company file make sure you only enable the computer to host the company file in which the file is stored.
  10. When you are using multi-user installations are running a different version of QuickBooks. You should Update QuickBooks to the latest version in all computers that are using it or are hosting the same company file. You can go to control panel open QuickBooks from the list. Select help and Update Quick books > click Update Now.
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