QuickBooks Com Error in QuickBooks Enterprise,Pro ,Premier

QuickBooks Com Error Crash

QuickBooks Com Error in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Does your QuickBooks software crashes while working ? The reason behind this problem is the COM error anytime you try opening the email invoices or any kind of transactions or reports.
To resolve this problem, you have to go through few troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below:-

If you have tried reinstalling your QuickBooks and still u are not able to get rid of the problem, you can try these solutions and try restarting the application after that :-

1. Make Outlook as your default mailing application-

* Open Control Panel, Go to Default Programs and assign your default programs
* From the list of programs, Click on MS Outlook and select it as default Program
*Press Ok.
* Select the File menu from MS Outlook.
* Click on Add Account to start the setup
* Input the email address you want to add on the account and select the Connect options.
*  You have to wait for a while meanwhile the outlook detects the server settings.
* Enter the password for your selected email.
* Press OK to end the process.

3. Fasten your mail settings-

* Open Control Panel , Go to Mail and select Microsoft Outlook.
* Select the Show Profile options from the Mail Setup window.
* Select “prompt for a profile to be used” option and deselect the “always use this profile radio button”, and apply the settings.
* choose the selection back to always use this profile and save.
*Press Ok

4. Make a new profile for Outlook Email-

* Close the Microsoft outlook application.
* Open Control Panel and the select Mail.
* Select Show Profiles from the mail setup window and then press ok
* Select the name for your profile and press ok
* Add an email account by following the given directions and press ok
*  Click on the drop down option under “Always use this profile” and apply the settings.

5.  Run Windows update and repair the Microsoft office.

  1. Run your QuickBooks in compatibility mode-

* On Your desktop, right click on the QuickBooks icon, and select the properties.
* If you see the Compatibility tab , select the “ Run this program in compatibility mode for” option.
* From the menu below, select Windows 7
* Select Run this program as an administrator.
* Press ok and apply the settings.

7. Add admin user in windows –

* Create a new windows user with Administrator rights.
* Log into windows with that new user.
* Restart Quickbooks.

If you are still unable to resolve QuickBooks Com Error please call QuickBooks Help .

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