Occurrence Of Deal Compliance Issues In Transport security Layer, Due to an older Internet Explorer TLS Setting For QuickBooks

How to resolve QuickBooks TLS Compliance error 

(Mostly encountered in QB pro, Premier, Enterprise while using it online)

TLS ?    Transport security Layer

QuickBooks is a software used for financial purpose and for recording various accountancy input, and it also provides a facility to be online . But while being online on QuickBooks some people may face an error of deal compliance in transport security layer.

This means that you must be using your QuickBooks with Internet Explorer to access QuickBooks Online and you have an older version TLS enabled in your Internet Explorer settings which can possible be TLS 1.0 OR TLS 1.1, and due to some recent updates the only Version of TLS in Internet Explorer that will working with QuickBooks Online is Version TLS 1.2 and older versions are no longer supported . Here you will find every step mentioned  to change Internet Explorer TLS setting and getting rid of this TLS issue .

This method is only applicable in Internet explorer Browser if you are using any other browser  like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox etc then  this method may not help you, but the default browser that is  assigned for accesing QuickBooks online is only Internet Explorer for Product QuickBooks Dekstop.

These steps that are mentioned will take you through your internet explorer settings to check and enable TLS 1.2  if they are not enabled  in your browser, that will surely  resolve both of the issues that occurring while importing from QuickBooks Desktop or sining in  into QuickBooks online .


Here are the Steps you shall follow to check and apply TLS 1.2:-

For Windows 10 QuickBooks user(This latest version of windows has Internet Explorer 11 as a default built in browser):-

  • Before starting if you have QuickBooks Open you may need to close it first before your proceed.
  • After closing QuickBooks Open Internet Explorer in your computer .
  • Now in the Internet explorer Window open Tools menu and from that dropdown select Option which says Internet Options.
  • From the Inter Options  you have to select Advanced  tab and then scroll down till you find Security section in it.
  • From the security section you need to find TLS option and check if TLS 1.2 is enabled or not if its not enabled you shall enable it by putting a Tick mark on the checkbox by clicking on it in order to resolve the issue.
  • After making sure that you have enabled TLS 1.2 click Apply and then hit OK to get new setting applied.
  • Now that you have enabled New settings close Internet Explorer and Try using QuickBooks again and check if the issue is resolved or not which will most probably be resolved with this.


For Windows 7 , 8 & 8.1 Users( In these older version of windows you may need to update your internet explorer to the latest version 11 for better performance .but. in order to proceed with older version of IE just change the settings):-

  • Before proceed towards the settings close QuickBooks
  • After you have closed QuickBooks proceed further and open your Internet Explorer browser
  • From Internet Explorer window select Tools and from the dropdown menu select Internet Options.
  • From the internet options select  Advanced setting option and scroll down until you find the section for Security.
  • From the section of security find TLS option and Check mark the TLS 1.2 option To enable it.
  • After the setting is enabled click Apply and hit OK to get those new settings applied
  • After you have applied the new settings close the browser and Try running QuickBooks again.


For Windows XP and Vista:-

These versions of window are too old now and Internet explorer can only be updated till Version 8 which does not support TLS 1.2  so in order to get resolved with this issue you shall upgrade to Latest official release version of Microsoft Windows to apply TLS 1.2

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