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Limitations  while importing QuickBooks data from Desktop to QuickBooks Online




Most of the times question arises that what type of data can be imported and what type of data can’t be imported from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. Where we present to you a guide which will help you to understand that which type of data is supported to be imported or what is not supported to be imported or even to know why it has changed.



What any further guidance   QuickBooks online you can contact:│ QuickBooks 24 x 7 support services just call at 1-800 470 6903


!This particular list contains features that specifically cannot be converted.!


Here are mention some of the data that cannot be imported from QuickBooks desktop to online:-


QuickBooks Online Import Limitations

These are some following features that are Unavailable on QuickBooks online:-


QuickBooks Online Import Limitations




To confirm that the feature is convertible or not here is the easiest way to know how:-


      1. Now just simply open your internet browser and find functions, to do so Press control key and the F alphabet key together(windows) or press command key and F alphabet key together( MAC).


  1.  Now to make sure that your missing data type comes under the limitations of importing enter the keywords related to the missing datafile. ( some of the examples for the keywords are:-  online bill payment, estimate and reconcile.)


  1. in case the data file missing is included in the list of limitations you need to read the explanation to see if that answer the question arising in your mind.

      4. in case the file is not included in the limitations list please give us a feedback.


QuickBooks Online Import Limitations


Chart Of Accounts


  • Notes and the bank account number are not being allowed to get converted.


  • Quickbooks desktop online has Next level categorizing 4 types used “ detail type”.For the purpose of accounting where it is obvious to have certain detail type ( for example ➤  Undepositible funds ) Hair the process of conversion science the detail type. In case of those accounts where that is not clear that what detail type they should be and which are at majority the conversion process find a generic detail type within the bounds of type, for example, miscellaneous incomes which can be edited further on.




Audit Trail


  • The audit trails in QuickBooks desktop are not allowed to convert to QuickBooks online file.


  • For every transaction That is changed or added in QuickBooks online there our own automatic auto log assigned with the detailed auto log result which also what’s login and outs by a user accessing the files.






Item received and be converted to bills but the bills receivable checkbox doesn’t convert.




Bill Payment


In QuickBooks desktop, the discount applied to an invoice is converted to a vendor/supplier credit.  The address that is mentioned on the bill payment cheque is also replaced by vendor/supplier address in a category of vendor/supplier list.







Important: The availability of budgets is only on QuickBooks Online Plus.Although in QuickBooks only profit and loss budgets type gets converted Quickbooks online.



Closing date


Closing data in QuickBooks gets converted but the password does not get converted


Credit and charges


Charges that are recorded for a credit card in QuickBooks are converted into expenses in QuickBooks online.



Customers and jobs


each and every customer in QuickBooks desktop gets converted to books online. jobs action that you had before is converted to sub customer in QuickBooks online although not all of the customer details are converted  yet

This chart contains the conversion details:-

QuickBooks Online Import Limitations

  the address to ship gets converted but not perfectly.

the address will be entirely added in the mail address field but with leaving City, State/province, the postal zip code, and the bank of a country.





It is allowed that a term can be assigned which can specify discounts on early payment of the invoice, The discount allowed does not auto compute the discounts allotted while payment is received.


  • Prepaid Discount on Payment:- credit is converted as memos that are applied to customers outstanding balance.


  • Discount received from vendors for prepaid bills:  This is applied to vendors outstanding balance after converting to credits.





  • Each and every document that is listed under the companies menu will not be transferred.


  • attachments that replied on transactions will not be converted




  • The finance charge invoices that already exist on your QuickBooks desktop are simply converted to invoices in QuickBooks online without any loss in data.


  • QuickBooks yet does not have automatic access to finance charges for customer payments that are late. But you can manually Run the report in order to see that which customer has an overdue and can manually add finance charges that will be appeared on the customers next billing.





Group items


  • There are some group of items in your QuickBooks data file, which can be converted to product and services list.


  • In the sales transactions, the group of items in your QuickBooks is converted into bundles.


  • In the purchase transactions, the components of the group of items which are converted.


  • There are some converted important group of items which are given below:-


  1. On a detail line,  items of the group appear, When you see all the transactions.


  1. The Zero amount lines start or it will end where the group of items was seen. By which we can see every item of the group is INVOLVING or NOT.


  1. In this activity, the top line shows the name of the group and the bottom line shows the all the group of description.


  1. In the field of description, the group total will display in the last line of the invoice.




Inactive element on lists


  • If the accounts, customers, or vendors that are marked as inactive in your QuickBooks data file, which significantly have the open balance. Thus they can be converted to the QuickBooks online plus, which is regular, “active” element



  • The names which have no balance tied can be converted as inactive or it can be deleted.






Important:  Only QuickBooks Online PLUS supports inventory, as well as it can be only used as( FIFO) First-in-First-out method in accrual.


  • In Quickbooks online only supported way to import data is by importing from QuickBooks desktop.


  • While selecting the option assigned to import inventory/stock, you will be asked to choose a date which will be used to recalculate your inventory/ stock, that is based on FIFO calculations.


  • QuickBooks online automatically assigns your Item quantities, item accounts, and details. Which means that you don’t have to do any work in your imported File.




There are some specific features which are present in QuickBooks desktop but are on QuickBooks Online. The following invoice data gets “Translated” while being converted:


  • PO number:- Custom Field 1


  • Sales REP Initials:- Custom Field.


  • Subtotals are not computed but they are being included in the field where the description is given for that line on the invoice.


 Journal entries


  • Journal entries billable status is the only information that is not converted making journal entries billable is not allowed on QuickBooks online.


  • In some rare cases transaction such as check or invoices in QuickBooks data file is being converted into general journal transaction..such kind of transactions a occurred in case the QuickBooks online unable to recreate the original transaction. as an example cheque that is been issued on an income account instead of being used in a bank account as it’s in a category of source account.


Layout Customization


In QuickBooks online sales templates of offline version does not get converted but you can import Custom Invoice in case you prefer to make a 100% custom template.



Memorized reports


Reports can be saved in QuickBooks online but the reports that have been saved on QuickBooks desktop do not get in that case you may need to create your reports again in QuickBooks online and save them again.





Important: The feature of multicurrency is only present in QuickBooks Online Plus.

  • During import of data, Multi-Currency will be imported to QuickBooks Online but there are certain ways to generate a transaction that was in QuickBooks desktop but are not present in QuickBooks Online.


  • The transactions which have 3 different types of currency involved in them won’t get converted to QuickBooks Online yet.


Online Bill Payment


Cheques that have been marked as “TO BE SENT” get converted, but their status of online bill payment does not.


US Only


QuickBooks Online now offers a feature where you can pay your outstanding bills online through QuickBooks online.


  • Our Legal Partners have powered the QuickBooks online with the ability to pay bills online.


  • To sign up for these features contact our 24×7 support to assist you.


UK / Canada Only


In these specific regions, Online bill payment feature is not launched yet but you can do so with some specific apps present on the QuickBooks website.


  • There are a few application that is being recommended to you for Canada or the UK.


  • From these links, just input bill pay in the search box and you will find the applications.


Other names


  • There is no Other name list available currently on QuickBooks online.


  • The Other names that were present in QuickBooks Desktop are converted to  Vendors / Suppliers when imported to QuickBooks online.





  • Each and every person that wants access to company file in QuickBooks online Requires to log in with the assigned password.


  • Usernames and Password that were used in QuickBooks desktop do not get converted.



Payroll-Process of conversion from Desktop version


In order to create paychecks, it is necessary to clear an interview to complete the importing setup.




  • Usually, QuickBooks automatically imports all data of Current years paycheck information as a lump total sum, in case it is unable to do it automatically you will need to input your totals of past payroll(YTD Payroll information) for every employee.


  • As QuickBooks desktop is loaded with more features assigned for Payroll some of the information may get dropped in the process.


Some of the Information that will get dropped are:-


  1. Some of the payment types will not have support in Online Payroll which will not get imported as well.


  1. Invalid SSN


  1. Invalid EIN


  1. The only invalid information that will be brought over will be the Employee Address, But it may be required fixing after the fact.


  • The states that are not in the supported state’s list such as PR, AS, VI  will be dropped.


UK / Canada Only


  • The Totals of past payroll are needed to be entered for each and every employee. (YEAR-TO-DATE information of payroll).


  • Since QuickBooks Desktop has more feature loaded for Payroll there is some information that will be dropped:


  1. Payroll types will be dropped.


  1. Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) that are not valid and National Insurance Numbers (NINs).


  1. The employee address that is out of the supported region will be dropped as well.


Payroll Items


  • To balance your books all transactions and payroll accounts will get converted, but all details that are behind those transactions don’t get converted.


  • Some of the files like Adjustment transactions, Liability refunds and opening balance transactions by which accounts get affected are converted to a journal.


US Only


  • Items and pay schedules get converted but you may need to map few of them manually so QuickBooks can learn to calculate them if they are supported by the software.


Pending sales


  • QuickBooks online currently do not support marking a sale as a “pending”.


  • QuickBooks Online does not convert your pending transactions that are being imported by QuickBooks Desktop.


  • Delayed Charge form is available on QuickBooks Plus and Essentials, which is categorized as a non-posting sales transaction.


Price levels


  • QuickBooks online or a time being does not have the ability to automatically adjust the price of items which are called “Product and services” in the desktop version.


  • The price levels that were set on Desktop version do not get converted while importing on QuickBooks online.



Print mailing labels


  • Print mailing labels are not yet supported by QuickBooks Online.


  • The way to use the data for Mailing labels via MS Excel is by creating a report of customers, vendor, or employee addresses, copy the report to excel.



Progress invoices


All customers in the USA and Australia will be allowed to have Progress Invoicing.


Purchase orders


Note: The feature of purchase orders is only available in QuickBooks online plus. Purchased orders that are imported and are closed will not be able to get linked to the corresponding bill.


QuickBooks payments



  • US: In order to transfer your existing Merchant Service to QuickBooks online you need to link the accounts.




  • CA: As a feature of transferring existing Merchant service is not available you may need to create a new one.




  • UK: Merchant services are currently not available in this region in QuickBooks online but you can e-invoice your customers with PAYPAL or GoCardless and any other suitable app.



Receive items


  • Each and every way possible to receive items in QB Desktop is being converted as bills. see bills and payments for more detailed info.





Reconciliation report of past are not converted to QuickBooks online, All reconciled transaction in the register will be named as “R’ in cleared column present in QuickBooks online register.


Recurring Transactions


  • Recurring transactions are only supported in QuickBooks Plus and Essentials.if tried on any other version none of the recurring transactions will be visible. The data in other version is imported but not displayed but if you upgrade to Plus or Essentials it will automatically be shown.


  • In QuickBooks Online(normal edition) recurring transaction templates are not supported . in order to take precaution against the errors to delete all recurring transaction before starting the import process for QuickBooks Online(normal edition).


Reimbursable Expenses


  • Reimbursable expenses in QuickBooks desktop are similar to billable expenses in QuickBooks online. but in QuickBooks online when creating the invoices you need to specify the markup percentage while creating the Purchase instead.


  • Quickbooks desktop does not support any feature about reimbursable expenses and time but QuickBooks online converts it as billable expenses.




Reasons to not get converted while importing to QuickBooks online.




  • In  QuickBooks online there are many features that are not available which were on the QuickBooks desktop version even which features looks similar are slightly different in QuickBooks online.


  • The accrual basis report in both versions offline and online are similar But in cash basis report the results can defer for in offline and online versions of software.. the reason behind this is that calculation method used by both of the software is different that’s why they are some differences in calculations.
  • Here is an example which shows the use of negative lines on invoices. suppose  your service income line is of $1,000 and a discount of $100 is applied and no payment:


  1. In QuickBooks online, the cash basis of profit and loss report will be shown as $100 of income and minus $100 of discount.


  1. in QuickBooks desktop, none of the portion of an unpaid bill as shown as any cash basis profit and loss report.


  1. similarly, as the payment is getting received:
  1. the amount of this phone gets prorated in QuickBooks desktop that is shown on Profit and loss.
  1. The entire amount is continuously  shown on QuickBooks online


  •     4. These Change does not affect the Accrual Reports.


       Report customization



  • The customization option that was present in  QuickBooks Desktop is not present in QuickBooks Online.


  • Extensive filtering is allowed on QuickBooks Online and also supports export of reports to excel in order to make further filtering.


  • The customizations you apply automatically gets saved and also you can create a schedule for reports to be sent automatically.

Sales Rep(Which gets converted as a custom field)

  • Each and every sales rep names of sales initials that have been recorded in QuickBooks desktop file is similarly maintained in the transactions of QuickBooks online in a custom field.


  • Assigning sales rep can be continued on sales transactions within QuickBooks Online and also reports can be filtered by sales rep if needed.


  • While Assigning the sales rep with sales transactions, you will be needed to enter the name by selecting it from a predefined drop-down list.

Sales tax and value – added tax ( VAT)


  • After the conversion is completed there will be two sales tax which is payable on charts of account.:
  1. One of them for each of the old sales tax payable accounts from QuickBooks Desktop.


  1. One  of them for each sales tax agency payable accounts in the new QuickBooks Online .


  • Moving Further,we will encounter that QuickBooks online will only be using the new sales tax agency payable account, and all sales tak will be managed from the taxes (US) , GST (CA) and VAT (UK) in the left hand navigation tab.


  • The payment for sales tax will be converted as regular cheque.


  • The adjustments for sales tax will be converted as journal entries.


UK Only


  • For VAT classes currently set up for purchase and sales tax ,Once the data migration is completed new codes will need to be created manually





Ship via


Ship via gets converted, but while recording ship via info in those transaction,you may need to input the M=method of shipping manually as it is opposed to selecting from a list that is predefined.


Shortcut list


  • Your List of shortcuts and settings for icon bar which are on QuckBooks Desktop will not be converted to QuickBooks online version.


  • QuickBooks online consist of its own Keystroke shortcuts in it . In any window  you may need to hold, “Ctrl+Alt+? (For mac – Ctrl+Option?) in order to see the menu for shortcuts.

Tax support



  • In  QuickBooks Online , none of the information is transferred  to the tax preparation program or Turbotax.


  • When you want to access a QuickBooks Online file for the accountants, There is a  Book to Tax feature, which integrates with the Intuit Online Tax.


UK / Canada only


  • In the case of tax line mapping, QBO does not  support the tax line mapping in the Chart of Account.


  • Detail Types are the additional level of account that are present on QuickBooks Online.
  1. When tax support is available, it can help you make the tax line assignments to the accounts.




  • QuickBooks online consists of a terms feature that is similar to the terms feature present in QuickBooks Desktop. These terms can automatically calculate the due date by using the transaction date.


  • QuickBooks online does not support an associated feature in order to assess finance charges that are associated with the terms you assign.


  • Discounts that are being allocated are for early payments can be allowed to specify in terms, but the amount that is for discount is not calculated automatically.


  • Without even changing the following enhancements terms get imported:


  • In Desktop version of QuickBooks it is not allowed to a job to have its own terms. The terms are inherited by the parent customer.In online version of QuickBooks  The equivalent for a job can have terms.

    Type: Customer, vendor/supplier, job


  • In QuickBooks online , currently there is no way available to categorize the customers, vendors/ Suppliers, or jobs with the types that were available on QuickBooks Desktop.


  • The list of types that are available in QuickBooks desktop does not get converted to the online version.

    To do list



  • The “TO DO” notes created on QuickBooks Desktop do not get converted to QuickBooks Online.


  • The feature of defining a task or To Do is currently not available on QuickBooks.

    Users and permissions


  • Automatic Permissions to have access to QuickBooks for existing users.,in order to gain access they will be needed to get invited from QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks online limits the users abilities to see and use various parts of the software but control level of transaction are not allowed like on QuickBooks cloud.



Users and permissions


Some of the details of vendors/suppliers that does not get converted.

QuickBooks Online Import Limitations

Write letters


QuickBooks Online does not support automated letter generation by using your data.

For any queries related to QuickBooks call: 1800-470-6903

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