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How to prevent com error in QuickBooks from crashing the system on the basis of beneficial solutions?

QuickBooks is a fabulous accounting software package developed by Intuit that assists in managing bills and invoices and function other accounting activities. Managing your financial accounts using QuickBooks comes handy when there is no hurdle in the working process, but if there is an error in between, the matter needs to be immediately resolved otherwise all the functional data can vanish within no time that too without any warning. The com error in QuickBooks has been an issue which has been occurring frequently in the past but was fixed with the help of expert software engineers. Since 2015 to 2017, this error has made a comeback with the only difference being that this time the solutions for the same have been cracked down by the experts. These solutions do not only apply to the problem but also help in taking advance precautions to avoid the error to show up. It was very necessary to observe these solutions as QuickBooks com errorcrashes the whole system with no information and data that can be recovered.

Solving the QuickBooks com error

Com error in QuickBooks arrive without any indication, therefore experts have suggested some solutions which are genuinely proving to be productive. The application of these solutions, however, depends upon the various software and windows that are installed in the system, some of which are stated below:

  1. Update:

Update QuickBooks to the latest edition that has improved and advanced settings of data recovery and fewer chances of the com error to occur.

  1. Run a windows repair:

This solution is suggested after tried and tested experimental ventures that have proven to be progressing and operative.

  1. Rename the files:

If the error arrives on some particular activity like that of the opening of a specific file, then it is best to rename the file and do not operate the QuickBooks data locally as it allows the error to make its way to the software.

  1. Troubleshooting:

Taking care of the small details like suppressing and then arranging the QuickBooks desktop, updating the windows, and keeping yourself updated with the programming incompatibility help in avoiding the QuickBooks com error.


All of the above solutions require expertise in dealing with the software issues. Where so many failed cases have been reported in reference to the above-mentioned solutions of QuickBooks com error, it is concluded that numerous software and windows type have different compatibility level to deal with the com error. Therefore, it is recommended to go through a thorough study regarding the QuickBooks com error issue with the help of online guidance and expert suggestions, the best way for which is to educate you with its shortcomings beforehand.

The topic of solutions for QuickBooks com error has involved a controversial debate due to the distressfulness that it causes. The cause of the com error is still unknown but the solutions provided are precautionary steps advised by the experts who also happen to be the victims of the com error. Call QuickBooks Support for help at 1800 470 6903.

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