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What is .ND files on QuickBooks


The .ND files in quickbooks means the Network Data files. These are some configuration files which allow access  to company file on a network that is used in multi user environment. ND files for quickbooks are created by  quickbooks database server manager and these files identify that database server will use these files.


Picture contains a sample of .ND files:-

.ND files






1.Server IP Address:Compare your ND file IP address with the IP address that you have obtained.


2.Server Name and QB Year: Name of the server is always written in the middle. quickbooks database manager version is always mentioned at the end: 28=  2018, 27= 2017, 26= 2016.


4.Port Used: Firewall settings of your computer the ports should be opened.


5 .1 For Hosting On/ 2 For Hosting Off- To make file opened in a multi user environment you need to turn on hosting in your multi-user network settings


About  .ND files


1.The ND files are created in the folder where your company files are also created the identification of ND file is that it ends with the extension of .ND

  1. mycompanyfile.ND
  2. mycompanyfile.qbw.nd


2.QuickBooks with single user environment that previously had used for multi user environment will also have ND files.


  1. Unit size of an  ND file 1kb. All text file that can be opened or can be edited in  notepad. ND files are also been identified with the text icon with them.


  1. ND  files and contain some primary data and configurations that quickbooks needs to communicate with the server. which basically is the IP address and Port. it also whether the files of company are in use or not.


note: Can check your product information as well as your IP address by simply pressing F2 key while you are in the windows of your quickbooks


The use of ND files and resolving their errors.


  • if you try to open the company file with damage  ND files it won’t open.Please view and repair the errors by recreating the ND file.


  • here are some common errors faced due to damaged ND files
  1. error H101,H202,H303,H505
  2. Error 6189,816


This error you can visit  the link mentioned below:-



For Any issue regarding QuickBooks Call At: 1800 470 6903

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