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QuickBooks is a software that is being used a lot these days as it is the best of all in its category , but sometimes while accessing the QuickBooks or your company file you get certain 3 to 4 digit error code of 6000 series that usually indicates that you won’t  be able to access the company files anymore till the issue causing the error code is completely resolved.


The issues that are caused can be resolved easily but if you are unable to resolve the issue you shall call our 24×7 customer support that is always there for our customers  you can simply

Call Us At: 1800 470 6903


                Here are some common 6000 series and possible causes for them to occur


Error   :-                                                          Possible problem causing specific errors



:-  This error may occur due to firewall which is currently not letting to set up connection between two computer as it is blocking it



:-  This error is usually caused when your   .TLG file gets corrupted



 :- The quickbooks files that are installed are corrupted.



:-  The computer that is the server computer may not be hosting the company files of QuickBooks which may be causing these errors.



:-  This error is caused by setting a network setup incorrectly which cause effect on quickbooks


-101 :

– This particular error is caused if your folder permissions are incorrect or you may have A QuickBooks database server that is not working properly.



:-   This error code states that some other user has logged in to the files of company in particularly single user mode or some of your .TLG or .QBW files mismatch and are causing error.



:- This particular error is caused if hosting is on or any of your .ND file is not processing properly.




:-This error is occurred on sample files while opening QuickBooks or accessing the company files.



:- It may be occurring due to a internet setup that is not correct or maybe due to some data damage in company files.



:- This error may occur due to various reasons like firewall blocking the connection, some damage to file or maybe multiple system hosting the QuickBooks Company file.



:- This error code may occur due to invalid path given to your .ND file  for your company files or your windows user account that is being used by QuickBooks is damaged.



:-Any of the computer that is hosting the company file the firewall port 8019 is being blocked which is causing this error



:- This error is encountered while accessing the file locally



:- This error is usually encountered while trying open your QuickBooks Company  file or maybe restoring the company backup.-



:- This error is occurred due to change in name of hosting computer,Network disruption or may be due to some damaged files.



:-This error may occur due to wrong path given to company file or QB files being damaged



:-This is caused due to some files being damaged or because of multiple users hosting the QuickBooks



Before proceeding further make sure that QuickBooks is updated. And it is recommended  to download and run QuickBooks File Doctor before performing any of the steps that are mentioned below  which will repair QuickBooks.If you still have same issue You can follow the steps or call 24×7 QuickBooks support at: 1800 470 6903


When Using The File Locally


These steps mentioned below will be the steps that will work on the files that a saved on your computer  in which QuickBooks is installed.


SOLUTION 1:  By Renaming .TLG & .ND files


TLG & ND Files are those files which are a very important part of your QuickBooks as these files are the configuration files of QuickBooks which allow access to your Company files

In a multi-user environment.


In case these files get damaged or may get corrupted by any reason you can  suffer from these errors when you open your QuickBooks. If you rename these files it won’t cause any QB data loss as these files recreate them when you rescan by QuickBooks Database Server Manager or even while opening Company file .


  • Open your company file from the folder which contains them.


  • Now find those files which have same name as your company files but end with .TLG and .ND


  • company*file.qbw.tlg




  • Company *file.qbw.nd



  • Now just rename every file by right clicking and selecting rename option and add OLD at the end of each one.EG-   company_file.qbw.nd.OLD


  • Now retry to use QuickBooks and see if error is resolved.

SOLUTION 2:  By opening company sample file

For testing that is problem lies with your company file or Quickbooks you have to open the sample company file.  if company file is unable to open and instead shows error then it indicates that error is Occurring due to a damaged installation and should be repaired as quick as possible.

for opening your company sample file you need to follow these steps:-


  • In the window that shows no company open you have to simply click on open sample  company file.  and select anyone  of those that company files list  displays.
  • If you are able to open the company sample files then proceed to the next solution which is third solution,  in case if you see an error message then repair repair your quickbooks installation files.

Solution 3:   by copying your quickbooks files on desktop

By doing this process of copying your  company files on desktop you are making sure that if there is any problem with your company files location.   If you are able to open the files while they are saved on desktop then it is sure that location is probably being damaged or it is too deep, which is exceeding the file system path limitations. In case you are not able to open your company files while you have changed their location to desktop then it possible means that the file is damaged.


  • Navigate to the folder which contains your company file  and open it.


  •  Now you have to locate the files which have the extension of .qbw


  • Now by simply  right clicking on the files copy them .now go to your computer is desktop and   right click anywhere on the screen and from the  drop down menu select the paste option to paste the files on the  desktop.


  • While pressing and holding down  control key on your keyboard open quickbooks so you are directly redirected to the no company  open window.


  • Now click on the option that says open or restore an existing company file. now just simply navigate to your computer desktop and open the files that you copied before.


  • if that persists follow the next solution which is solution4

solution  4: By creating a restore backup


As you are not able to open files even after the location was changed to a different path, you can also restore a backup copy of your company files to check if the problem is with current file or is with your quickbooks.


If any error is faced during the Restoration of backup, you may proceed to follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Make sure that your computer is not a  host in multi user environment.
  1. Launch the company files


  1. Choose  choose utilities from the file dropdown menu


  1. If you find that file is listed there.


  1. You need to select the option which says stop posting multi user access


  1. When the window with say stop multi user access, you need to click yes


  1. In  the window which says company files must be closed proceed to   click on yes.


  • You have to make sure that the path of your company files does not exceed the limit of 210 characters.


  1. Open the folder that consists of company  files.


  1. From the top of your display where the path of folder is shown copy that path.


  1. Now  just paste that location that you have copied in a notepad and count the characters including the spaces between them.                      Example-C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company Files\QuickBooks 2018\Sample_company_file.qbw is 125


  • Now just try again to restore your company files.


  • if the error you are suffering from still persist proceed to Follow solution 5


solution 5:  by using ADR for restoration of your backup


Quickbooks are the features of auto recovering the data .In case of data loss and corruption of data this feature allows you to recover all of you did at once.


ADR can help you insert two ways that are:-


  1. by getting all your data be stored by using transaction log file and your company file copy.


  1. It also we stores the data of last few hours of transaction with copy of company files and transaction log file.


By process of recovering recent transaction using  genuine tlg with QBW.ADR file.


You have to utilise original files of transaction log and ADR version of  files in order to recover all your recent transactions


  1. on your computer that stop you have to create a new folder which is named as qb test


  1. now you have to locate an open the folder where your company files are contained


  1. in the folder where your company files are contained you have to look for a .tlg  file and file will be name the same as your company file but ending with extension of .tlg.


  1. now you have to copy the company file that ends with extension tlg and paste to the folder that you have created on your desktop namely qb test.


  1. locate an open The folder of quickbooks auto data recovery in your computer.


  1. We have to same location where your company files are located


  1. copy the QBW.adr  file and move it to the folder that you have created on your desktop with the name of  qb test folder.


  1. The folder that you have created on your desktop and locate the file which is named as .qbw.adr  and rename it by right clicking on it and from the dropdown menu selecting rename option.


  1. Now you have to rename the file by just deleting .adr  from the end of its name.


  1. Now open Your quickbooks


  1. Now open this files that are being saved on the folder  that is being created on desktop namely qb test folder


  1. to verify that all transactions are there open your account register


  1. to verify the integrity of data that you get all recovered files open the files menu And from there select utilities and click on verify data.


  1. You find that  transactions in your new company files that have been recovered matches the data of the files that work before and your quickbooks you can remove the damaged files and replace them with the new ones that are not damaged.


By recovering recent transactions  by use of .qbw.adr and .tlg.adr files


This method utilizes  both ADR versions of your .QBW  and .TLG files. this will recover all of your transactions as well as last 12 hours of transactions.


  1. On  your computer to desktop create a new folder named as qb test


  1. Now  you have to  locate the folder where your company files are and look for quickbooks auto data recovery folder.


  1. Look  for .TLG.adr and .QBW.adr files.These files will be saved same as your company files name.


  1. Now you have to copy .TLG.adr and .QBW.adr Files and move them to the new folder that you have created on your desktop is named as qb test folder.


  1. now you have  to open your quickbooks


  1. Open the files that you have moved to the  qb test folder on your desktop. now you have to use your account register to make sure that all transactions their matches the original ones.


  1. for checking the integrity of data of the files that has been recovered open the files menu and select utilities  and click on verify data.


  1. if you feel that this copy of company file is good and not damaged you can replace it with the damaged file.


Files are being opened over a network and multi user environment


These are the steps that you need to proceed further  are to be followed If you are opening the company files in a multi user environment which means the files that are saved on server or may be on another computer


SOLUTION 1 :  by making sure that hosting is turned on all of the workstation that are being used for quickbooks.


It is strictly recommended to have one PC server to host the company files in order to work properly .


  1. For keyboard press F2 key. after pressing  this key the information window opens.
  2. Now you have to find the local server  information. and the hosting there should be turned off.


Solution 2: By restarting the database server manager  after you have renamed.ND and .TLG files.


To rename  .ND and .TLG files and  restarting does database server manager.


  1. locate and open the folder which contains your company files.
  2. now you have to locate the files which are named same as your company filed but end with the extensions of .ND and .TLG
  3. now you have to press right click on each and every file and from the dropdown menu select the option of rename. and add a word .OLD  at the end of each name of each file.
  4. the purpose that is served by database server manager is to host your quickbooks company files. Best way is to restart your database  server Manager after you have renamed those files


SOLUTION 3: By opening a locally installed sample company file on workstation

By the process of launching a sample company file you are being tested if the problem is with your company file or quickbooks Software.

I’ll is unable to open and install returns error message then it is sure that you have damaged files installed with your quickbooks and those file should be repaired as soon as possible for that you can call 24×7 quickbooks support that is always available to help you just need to call 1 800 470 6903.


  1. A window that says no company open, you have to press click  on option which says open a sample file and from the list of sample company files you have to choose one.
  2. if the sample file is unable to open you may proceed to solution 4 if the company file returns a error message you need to repair your quickbooks as soon as possible


SOLUTION 4: By opening the company files locally in your computer


Preceding to follow this method means that you are testing if there is any problem with the location of your company file. if the company files open when they are being saved on desktop it can mean that probably the location of your company file is damaged and creating an error or it may be exceeding the limitations act for the path of any file that is 210 words and if the file does not open even after changing the location path then maybe the file is damaged.


  1. It and open the folder when your company files are contained.


  1. find the files which end with the extension of .qbw


  1. right click on that file and from the dropdown menu select the option which says copy.


  1. now go to the desktop of your computer and  right click anywhere and from the dropdown menu select the option of paste.


  1. while pressing down and holding your control key open quickbook so you are directly redirected to the new company open window.


  1. Second option which is open or restore an existing company. now after that you have to go to your desktop and find the company file that you have copied there and open it.


  1. if you are still getting the error message you shall proceed to follow the solution 5.


Solution 5 : by closing all processes hosted by quickbooks


  1. before doing anything login into your computer as an administrator.


  1. Press control, shift, escape key all together to bring up the task manager.


  1. the task manager shows all of the processes that are being executed by the computer.  go to the user tab of task manager.


  1. and click on quickbooks processes which will named as QBW32.EXE,QBUPDATE.EXE AND QBDMGR.EXE  and then click on and task for each of the process.


  1. now again try to open the company file in multi user mode network.


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