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1. Navigating Quickbooks Online
2. Accountant Tools
3. Sales & Revenue
4 Expenses & Purchases
5. Additional Transactions

Learning Objectives

. Identify best practice when using Quickbooks Support
. Recognize key components of the Quickbooks help interface
. Identity accounting related preferences
. Recognize the tools available in the Accountant Toolbar
. Determine appropriate sales & Expense related settings
. Recognize alternative entry points for entering sales & purchase transactions
. Identify additional transactions added from the quick create menu

Best Practices

. Chrome browser
. Clear Cache & Cookies
. Duplicate Tab for Multiple windows
. Split Tabs for side-by-side
. Multiple companies with different browsers or Chrome Users
. Chrome bookmarks, bookmark bar, bookmark folders
. Chrome Setting For Landscape / Portrait when printing reports
. Calculator in amount fields

Keyboard Shortcuts

. Dates -> T,+/-,W,K,M,H,Y,R
. CTRL +/- -> Zoom in and out
. CTRL SHIFT T -> reopen closed tab
. CTRL ALT? -> Quickbooks 2016 keyboard shortcut menu

Quickbooks 2016

New feature

. Bill Tracker
. This Fiscal Year to Last Month Report Filter
. Bulk Clear Send Forms
. Auto Copy Ship To Address
. Rebuild/Verify Improvements
. Labels to printer support on QuickBooks
. Update company files with a new look and feel.

Bill tracker


Click on an option which is highlight in image to go to billing tracker


or just click on vendor and open vendor list  then show on top you will find same option.

For more information follow this video or call us at 1800-470-6903

Now the next video going  to show you how to create with express settings company file in QuickBooks 2016

This video will show you how to create company file in QuickBooks 2016 with detail overview.

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