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What to do when QuickBooks FCS service is damaged

Inuit QuickBooks FCS services stands for ” File Copy Service” which is responsible for Payroll services. If this service is stop or damage result would be QuickBooks Error Code : 15241.

Root Cause:

  • Any third party Application Could case this issue
  • Could be caused by anti virus firewall
  • QuickBooks update
  • Or Windows update


  • Try to Run Intuit QuickBooks FCS service manually in few simple steps : On your Computer/Laptop keyboard Press and hold windows key along with this Press letter R , This Key Combination would Bring up Run window which would ask you to enter the name or program you want to open. Please Type in command “Services.msc” this command will bring up Services window. By Pressing Letter “Q” this show you Intuit services .For more follow screen shots:
  • QuickBooks error support
  • intuit quickbooks fcs service
  • quickbooks accounting support

If still Intuit QuickBooks Services shows stopped Please call an expert for help.

This QuickBooks component FCS is designed by intuiting which means file copy services, is the main file of QuickBooks this is designed to update the software and start and execute the main directory. This file works in the background while the update of QuickBooks is being downloaded. It updates in the background. If any user receives a message stating QuickBooks service is damaged, it should be fixed as soon as possible so that you could further continue your work without any interference.

Fixing when QuickBooks service is damaged:

  1. Cancel all windows and files along with QuickBooks
  2. Open the window of the computer by pressing E
  3. Click change program
  4. Select the QuickBooks from the list and select the change option or uninstall
  5. Select installation and then by clicking the next option there will show the repair button
  6. After the finishing of repairing click the finish button
  7. There’s a chance of rebooting your system
  8. Recheck by opening QuickBooks to see if the problem is solved
  9. A required message of updating payroll will be seen, which should be download.

Point to remember when QuickBooks service is damaged and an update of payroll tax table is required, follow the given instructions and guidelines.

  • QuickBooks software to use in desktop require the updated for payroll tax and tables.
  • After the amount transferred to employees, it should be updated in every 45 days and regular
  • Always keep the update button for QuickBooks on


  1. Click the button for employees to get updates on the payroll
  2. Select the option to download entire payroll
  3. Click to update further
  4. Click ok to confirm the process is completed.

If you want to update the payroll by using CD the service of disk delivery is available.

  1. Simply enter the CD in the given slot of CD
  2. Click the label of get payroll updates by clicking on it
  3. The user will follow the instruction of opening a new window and locate the destination accordingly by installing payroll update
  4. Click on the button named browse
  5. Select the CD installment option from the screen in and where to locate
  6. Select the given update options
  7. A new screen of payroll update will appear, click on the Ok tab to confirm


These steps are the ultimate guide when QuickBooks FCS service is damaged; this will troubleshoot the problem in the given matter of time without being corrupted. These steps can be followed without even expert’s help of QuickBooks but if somehow if the user is unable to troubleshoot the problem, they should immediately contact the expert team of QuickBooks technical support. We are dedicated to our clients and solve the problems with complete dedication and expert technicalities. For more help and inquiries on when QuickBooks service FCS is damaged, please contact our team as soon as possible so that you can continue to work again easily.

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