How to integrate QuickBooks with tradegecko ?

QuickBooks Integration with tradegecko

QuickBooks Integration Support

QuickBooks Online is an amazing cloud base accounting system with complement TradeGecko’s inventory management system.

The TradeGecko QuickBooks integration empowers you with the ability to sync data between inventory movements and accounting. The integration automatically pull sales, inventory, purchase data and information from TradeGecko to your QuickBooks data and vice versa. As you create Manage order,Invoices,Shipments,Purchase orders and stock adjustments in TradeGecko your QuickBooks will automatically reflect all the data that’s not all TradeGecko also collate all change in your stock levels into general in QuickBooks Online everyday. This article will walk your through installation process.

Lets get started before connecting QuickBooks to TradeGecko you just make sure you have account setup with QuickBooks. These accounts will help TradeGecko to pull data to the right accounts.

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Lets start with Step 1: Creating Ledger Account In QuickBooks.


2: To create ledger account in QuickBooks Hover over Transaction and click on Chart of Accounts on left side of your QuickBooks Accounts page.

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How to create ledger in QuickBooks

3: And click new, We recommand that for each account category type you fill in the field detail type as well. We provide you some suggestions for some categories but you may wise to check with your accountant.

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4 The first account category to create is Cost of Goods Sold account and the detail types please select Supplies and materials.

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5 Once you have put all the details please click on save.

6 next create category for your bank account and credit card depending upon how you wish to receive payments. If you wish to receive payment in cash please click on Cash on hand. If you want to setup credit card as default just make sure your currency type set according to your country.

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7 Next create your purchases account we recommend to choose expense as category type and supplies as detail type. You can also change the name of this account if you prefer

QuickBooks Error help

8 Next create your sales account we recommend choosing income as your category type sale of product income is you detail type.

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9 Create your inventory account we recommend choosing current asset for the category type and inventory for detail type.

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10 Let’s move on to creating your sale tax if you haven’t setup your sale tax in QuickBooks it’s vital to do so before integrating with TradeGecko.

QuickBooks Setup

11 Now I am going to explain you how to setup your sales tax in QuickBooks click on Sales Tax Tab on your QuickBooks Account. Click on new tax to create a new tax record.

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Next would be step 2 connecting QuickBooks to TradeGecko.

12 Now you have your account already setup please login into your TradeGecko account and Click on app store select the QuickBooks Application go through the details and click on connect to QuickBooks

quickbooks and tradegecko integration

13 you will now directed to an authorisation page to connect with intuit server.

QuickBooks Helpline

14 Once your data is imported your will be directed to an overview page.

15 After you have read the overview information you may proceed to connecting you ledger account with TradeGecko

16 Please connect the fields with the drop down options.

If you need QuickBooks Support assitance you can always give us call at 1800 470 6903

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