How to resolve common issues in Previous Reconciliation Report

The Solution for the common issues experienced with the Last Reconciliation Report

Are you experiencing problem with the last bank reconciliation report which is appearing blank or are the cleared transactions are shown unclear ? There are some issues that a user may experience while the last reconciliation report along with the solution to fix the issue and get back to work without wasting much of your time.

Before starting up with any solution, you must back up the QuickBooks company file.

1. Unavailability of Reports:

Problem- You are not able to access the last reconciliation reports and the report functions and types are grayed out and not accessible.
The reason for this problem can be the damaged or corrupted QuickBooks PDF converter while the last reconciliation was done.

Solution 1- Make sure that the version of QuickBooks that you are using is up to date.

Solution 2- Open last reconciliation reports without opening them as a PDF file.

a. Choose Previous Conciliation from Banking option in Reports menu.
b.  Open section in this report and select Transactions cleared plus any changes made to those transactions since the reconciliation button.

Solution 3- Reinstall PDF converter.

2. Blank Reports:

Problem- Are the columns in the last Reconciliation PDF Reports, missing or are appearing blank ?

Solution 1- Open Adobe Acrobat Reader & edit the Internet Preferences.
a. Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
b. Go to the Edit menu.
c. Select Internet from the Preference option in the Preference list.
d. Untick the checkbox saying  Display PDF in Browser, and if it is already unchecked, tick it instead.
e. Open your last reconciliation report.

Solution 2- Repair, Reinstall or Update your Acrobat Reader.

Solution 3-  You need to recreate the last reconciliation report, as the file may be damaged.
Try to open the reports of the same account  from history, if any of the reports open that means the desired report is damaged and it needs to be recreated.
1. Undo the last reconciliation including the damaged reconciliation.

a. Select Reconcile from the Banking menu.
b. click on Undo Last Reconciliation by selecting  an appropriate account from the Begin Reconciliation window.
c.  Click Continue after backing up the company file before undoing the last reconciliation, and if u have already backed up the file, press Continue.
d.  When the message appears Undo Previous Reconciliation has completed, press OK.
e.  You need to reconcile the transactions again.

2. Reconcile again all the transactions.

3. Cleared transactions are showing uncleared-

Problem- The transactions that were cleared are showing uncleared, the reason for the problem is the wrong input of future date in the statement date field in the Begin Reconciliation window.
Your QuickBooks desktop assigns a Statement date to each transaction when it is cleared, while running the reconciliation report the dates may appear in the uncleared transactions section.

Solution 1- Undo last reconciliation and reconcile the transactions after entering the correct date.

a. Select Reconcile, from the banking menu.

b. Undo Last Reconciliation. by selecting the appropriate account from the Begin Reconciliation window.

c. Continue the process after backing up your company file, and if you have already backed up the file, Press ENTER.

d. Reconcile all the transactions again

Solution 2- Leave the reconciliation as it is. The transactions on the report will be cleared as soon as the statement date will be reached.

4. The Opening & Closing balances on the report are incorrect-

Problem-  After generating the report the beginning and ending balances i.e the opening and closing balance shows incorrect , this is due to the incorrect statement date used on a reconciliation.
Beginning Balance + Deposits and Other Credits – Checks and Payments = Ending Balance

Therefore, If the opening  balance is not correct , the closing balance will be incorrect as well.

If the statement date for the current  reconciliation is incorrect-

1. Undo the reconciliation.

a. Click Reconcile from the Banking menu.
b. Select Undo Last Reconciliation by selecting appropriate account from the  Begin Reconciliation window.
c. Click continue after backing up the company file and if you have already backed up the company file select OK.
d.  Press OK once you get ‘Undo Previous Reconciliation has completed’ message.

2. Delete all the statement service charges, interest adjustments, and balance adjustments, from the journal.

3. Reconcile again by entering the correct dates.

5. Report shows future statement date –

Whenever you generate some report it gives you a future statement date, QuickBooks Desktop remembers the previous date that was entered on reconciliation, therefore if the future date is entered  the Reconcile window will default to the future date.

1. Select Reconcile, from the banking menu.

2. Click Undo Last Reconciliation by selecting the appropriate account, from the Begin Reconciliation window.

3. You will see a message displayed on your screen asking you to create a backup the company file, and if you have already backed up the file, Click CONTINUE.

4. After you see ‘Undo Previous Reconciliation has completed’ message on your screen, Press OK.

5. Reconcile  the transactions and ensure that the dates are entered correctly.


If you still unable to resolve this issue please call QuickBooks Support Phone Number USA at 1800 470 6903

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