How to Fix QuickBooks Crash Com Error

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Occurrence of COM Error in QuickBooks Desktop


QuickBooks Crash com error is a common error in QuickBooks which is usually encountered while mailing or opening the invoices in Quickbooks or may occur while accessing other transactions or reports. This issue can be resolved with few instructions mentioned below or for any further guidance CALL US AT :1800 470 6903




QuickBooks Com Error

                      (This image shows the  specific error pop-up)


Here are the steps mentioned in order to resove the com error :-



QuickBooks Com error crash

Proceed to follow these instruction in the same order as they are  being mentioned below if one does not work for you then try next one


Troubleshoot 1: Making sure about having Outlook up to date


  1. It’s necessary to have Outlook updated to the latest release for that  go to FILE menu and select Office Account  and find the Update Options and from there click on Update Now.


     2. Now check in your QuickBooks if error persists.




Trouble Shoot 2: Setting up default mail to Outlook


  1. For doing this you need to open Control Panel  and find the option which says Set your default programs.
  2. Now from the list of programs you have to select MS Outlook  and select the option which says Set this program as default.
  3. Finally hit OK.





Trouble Shoot 3:By adding an email account on Microsoft Outlook


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and from there select the File menu.
  2. From the file menu select the option of  Add Account .
  3. In add account menu  enter your email address that you prefer to add and select CONNECT.
  4. Now just add the password to access email and hit ok.
  5. Again click on ok after that to complete email setup.

QuickBooks support




Troubleshoot 4: By toggling the E Mail Settings


  1. Fist of all open the CONTROL PANEL and go to MAIL ,then select Microsoft Outlook.
  2. In the window for mail setup you need to select the option which says Show Profile.
  3. If you see that option which says Always use this profile  is already selected then you need to choose prompt for a profile to be used  and then select Apply.
  4. At last hit OK.




Troubleshoot 5: By creation of new Outlook mail profile


  1. Make sure that microsoft outlook is closed.
  2. Now open control panel in your computer and go to mail options.
  3. Now after you have opened mail setup window , you need to select the option which says show profile and then find and click on add
  4. Now you need to enter a Profile Name  and click OK.
  5. Now just simply add the email address you want to use  by following the directions as get promoted on the screen.
  6. Now you need to select a dropdown that is under Profile Name  and click OK.

NOTE:This method does not delete the existing settings assigned in outlook profile.




Troubleshoot 6: By repairing Microsoft office and running the updates for windows


  1. You need to go through  microsoft troubleshoot articles assigned in links below:-


  1. Repairing Microsoft Office
  2. For Windows Update


Important: Intuit is not responsible any issue regarding microsoft tools: for further help contact our support to assist you. Some of the risks potentially occurring are:-

  1. Microsoft Windows or MS office Errors that may occur
  2. Loss of license in MS office,Problems in re-installing




Troubleshoot 7: By running QuickBooks in a Compatible Mode


  1. You need to open QuickBooks properties by simply right clicking on QuickBooks.exe Icon and from the dropdown select properties.
  2. Now in properties window from the top options select compatibility ans from the compatibility tab select Run this program in compatibility mode by checkboxing it.
  3. And from the dropdown select the windows you are using
  4. Now checkmark on Run this program as an administrator
  5. Finally click apply and hit

QuickBooks com error




Troubleshoot 8: Adding Admin User to Windows


  1. Create a windows user with administrative rights.
  2. Log on to windows with new user having th administrative rights.
  3. Re-open the QuickBooks





If you are unable to fix these error’s by the steps mentioned above you may call our 24×7 support services to help you out in resolving any error regarding QuickBooks .

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