How to easily solve: QuickBooks pdf converter activation error 20

QuickBooks PDF converter activation error 20

QuickBooks are accounting and financial software developed and retailed by Intuit, favorable for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their day to day transactions. With an upgrading to the new operating system, QuickBooks users are confronting a frequent issue of QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -20.

Whenever users want to print a form or file an error appears in a dialog box such as

quickbooks pdf error


Error 20                                            

A malfunction in computer operating system usually cause this problem and this occurs due to failure or improper installation which leads to an invalid entry in the system’s or Window’s registry. An instant reason for the “QuickBooks Pdf Converter Activation Error 20” error is a crash which fails to correctly run one of its normal operations by a system or application component.

Solutions for Fixing the Error 20:

One of the common ways to fix this error is to follow simple steps as instructed below:

Step 1:

Save all files or email forms and reports as required.

quickbooks support

Step 2:

Delete QuickBooks PDF converter so it will be reinstalled again automatically.



If the QuickBooks pdf converter activation error- 20 is still not activated you can follow an alternate method stated below to fix the issue.

Step 1:

Download QuickBooks pdf converter repair tool.

Download and install the repair tool on the link mentioned above. It is suggested to save the file on the desktop so it can be accessed easily.


Step 2:

Select or Click the “SCAN” button.

After the download is completed, select this file from the file location to start the installation procedure. A User Account Control will appear on the screen in a dialog box if you want to proceed to Click the “YES” button.

quickbooks enterprise


Step 3:

Click “FIX ALL” and let the error be fixed and it’s done.

qb support

quick books help

  1. Here you have to let the program install itself on to your system. Leave the checkbox unticked so it will allow the repair tool to start the scan itself. Click the “INSTALL” button to begin the installation procedure.
  2. An internet connection is necessary to complete this step as it will automatically download necessary updates and fixes for the repairs required in the system. A scan will be also attempted at this point damages will be indicated when you can press the “START REPAIR” button to begin the Repair.

quick books support

    1. Once all installation has been completed your computer must be fixed.
    2. A Reboot or restart is recommended after the process is completed.


    There are many other solutions available to fix this error of QuickBooks pdf converter activation error 20 but we have found these as most easy and quick fix to the problem. Whatever solution you are following make sure to save your files before starting the process of the reinstallation of QuickBooks PDF converter or Repair tools because data and files loss with difficult to recover and make sure your internet is working properly. The above-mentioned steps have been proven to work effectively to solve the error stated.

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