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QuickBooks Point Of Sale : How To Change Store Type


This article could be a great help for you in these kind of scenarios:-


  • In case a wrong type of store has been installed while it should be some other type.( E.g- Headquarter store instead of a Remote store)
  • Multiple store working independently but you want to start a real time multi store operation for them.
  • In case of swapping store designation ( Headquarter to remote)

Below are procedures that are  added for two scenarios choose what fits your situation:-


You have not entered any transaction or Inventory


In case any wrong store type is installed by you but you still did not entered any transaction or inventory then you shall follow whats mentioned below:-



  • Swap a Headquarter to a Remote store



Open FILE menu and from there select the option of Preferences and after that select Company.


Now you have to select Multi-store preferences and following click on Change to Remote Store.


  • Swap from a Remote to a Headquarter


Open FILE menu and from there select the option of Company Operations and after that select Create New Company.


Now Give that company a name and  select it as headquarter and once confirmed click on create.


You have entered some important data and don’t want to lose



  • Merchant Services – Before proceeding to change the store type do make sure that all debit card and credit card batched that are not settled are being settled .
  • Licensing –  Each sore that has been installed and workstation working on that have their unique license which are merged with QuickBooks Server.In case you are willing to have a new type of setup for that store license would be reconfigured. Please Contact QuickBooks Point Of Sale Technical Support at 1800-470-6903 So  we can  help you out to configure your license correctly and there is no damage to a expensive software.
  • Inventory- Same item lists are being used by each store in a multi-store case separate inventories are used by different stores and you want to swap it to remote then the inventory will be lost , so you should import them to transfer them to a headquarter inventory to save them .
  • Quickbooks financial software integrations –  Exchange of data to quickbooks desktop can only be done by a headquarter. So financial exchange has to be reconfigured in order to have proper exchange.
  • Transaction History – Transaction history will be reassigned to the store that it will be changed to . in case you want to cancel this action you shall start a new company file.
  • Order Documents – Make sure to have a backup record for all your pending customer orders and purchase orders or any kind of deposit taken toward these orders.



To Contact QuickBooks Technical Support For any Query Or Help Call QuickBooks Point Of Sale Technical Support at 1800-470-6903


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