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QuickBooks Error Warning Message – Insufficient Permission for the specified folder

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This particular error is being reported by many QuickBooks users about getting a warning message that they are receiving a warning message about not having sufficient permissions, while opening company files on their computers. This issue usually occurs because of not having your file on a proper location. This occurs when you intentionally or by mistake by the user and now QuickBooks is having trouble in finding or file launching permissions of windows.


Below are the steps by step solutions that explain a way to fix this problem. In case! You are unable  to fix these errors then you shall contact QuickBooks 24 hour support services ⛨at 1800-470-6903


Now let’s look at the take a look at the pop up that you receive with the warning message⇙

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Now let’s know about problems that are bringing up these

! warnings!


Possibility 1- This file is saved in a folder that is located in C:// drive and the folder is a protected folder of windows. Usually in windows vista,7,8.

Possibility 2- Folder containing the file is a restricted folder.


Possibility 3- Folder permissions not being set properly.


Possibility 4- A damaged folder containing the files.

Useful Tip- For best results follow the solution in the same order as numerically mentioned, one after other.

And now you can go through the solutions to fix these errors which our support technicians came up with:-


Solution 1- Use QuickBooks File doctor to fix this warning.


  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor-

Click Here to Download➔QuickBooks File Doctor

  • After the file gets downloaded to install it and run the program that gets installed.
  • After the process is done completely try to open your company file again hopefully the problem may be solved or else follow the next solution.


Solution 2- Making QuickBooks a windows administrator allowed the program.


  • If open, close the application of QuickBooks.
  • Now on the desktop apply right click on QuickBooks .exe icon. When a drop-down appears select Properties.
  • Now a window will appear with tabs, select the tab named as compatibility and from there select the option of Run this app as Administrator.
  • Simply click Apply followed by OK.


Solution 3- Moving back the company file to it’s by default location.


  • If open, close the application of QuickBooks.
  • Now browse to the location where the company file is located.
  • On the company file that ends with the extension or .qbw apply right click. Select copy.
  • Simply browse to QuickBooks company file by default (location-C://Users/Public/PublicDocuments/Intuit/QuickBooks/Company Files) and press ctrl+V key.
  • Now in QuickBooks browse the company file with default location and error may be resolved.


Solution 4- A new folder to be created for company file to be browsed.


  • Create a Folder in the same directory.
  • Copy the company file and paste it to the new folder that you created.
  • Now Open file menu and select Open or restore a company.
  • Click on open company file and then proceed with next.
  • Now simply browse to the location where you saved the file
  • Click on open.


Solution 5- Testing folder permission.


  • Open Microsoft word or notepad whichever accessible.
  • Type anything on a document.
  • Now save the file on by default company file location. If the file gets saved with no error then the folder is perfect else the folder is not correct.


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