How to Fix “quickbooks pos error library not registered?

What’s QuickBooks Pos ?

Some of you know but some of you don’t . But I am going to tell you What’s POS.

This entire Setup is Called Point of Sale.


People use this machine mostly in store,this machine is nerve of for all the stores.If any issue happens on this machine and including software your business can go for toss.

But don’t worry as long as we here “You being customer don’t worry” We are here to help you.

Error Detail : Quickbooks Pos error library not registered?

Root Causes : This error comes in when there is issue with system file of directory inside OS.

How to Fix It: Fix is very simple All you should do just Run Scan:

Open CMD on your computer as an ADMIN. Then run scan: SFC/SCANNOW

and hit enter let this process get finished.

After this just restart your computer and Your Pos will work fine.

If still this issue persist you try to uninstall and reinstall software that could also solve this problem.

If still this doesn’t work then Give Call to our Expert At:1800 470 6903.

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