How to fix Quickbooks Permission error in Pro, Premier, Unternehmen

How to solve: this action requires Windows Administrator Permission QuickBooks 2017 in easy steps

Many times when we are working and using the QuickBooks we have to face the issue of the QuickBooks Windows Administration permission. This is happening at the backend of the program and because of the issue, the QuickBooks might not be able to execute some of the files. They are requiring an authentication in the form of permission to execute these file on the QuickBooks. You can check the following causes due to which QuickBooks display this message:

  • The .EXE file has been stopped working by the QBDB2X and you have to go for a startup of the whole setup again to make it work.
  1. It can be automatically.
  2. Or you can install a batch file script on the QBDB2X to start the triggering and of the services again.
  • QBDB2X have not provided permission to access a specific file on the computer so it is requiring administration permission to access those company files.
  • You have two versions of QuickBooks installed on your device at the same time and it is causing an error in the access of the Files where the data is used commonly to run both systems.

How can you solve it easily?

Follow the easy steps below and overcome the problem in no time:

  1. You have to type the Service.msc by pressing the Windows button with the R button at the same time so it will run and you have to look for the file of QBDB2x services and when you have found it changes its way of starting to automatic which was previously set at manual.

quickbooks error suppor


  1. Once you have changed the setting refresh your system but it might affect the work of login users.
  2. Now look for the folders of the company files and also check the user in the QBDB2x has any access to that company files or not. if they are not granted access to view those files checkup the security part of the QBDBX2 and here you can change and grant full permission to that user.
  3. You can also change the permission to access and grant it for all of the users who are using QuickBooks can be easily done the use of Script batch file and you have put up a command on it to make it work and check that commands in the picture below :


  1. Save the above script batch file and use a common username and password for all of the users so they can access it easily.
  2. You have to check some of the options in the General menu or tab
  • It should have the highest privilege when running
  • Even if the users are logged in or not logged in it should still run
  • It can be hidden
  1. Other options that you should check will be found at the trigger option:
  • The task should be started when it is on log on
  • Can be accessed by any user
  • Repeated every 5 mins
  • Checkbox is enabled
  1. You can add the batch file by clicking New.
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