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Who Else Wants To Know the Mystery behind QuickBooks nd file error?

What is QuickBooks ND file error?

Quick books usually give us the error of network data and network data files are the file for the configuration with the help of which enable the accessibility of QuickBooks to different users in a same network of the environment. If any environment that is now single user but previously had many users in it will also have network data file in them.

With the help of this file, the server of QuickBooks accesses the database and program are run with it.

What is the QuickBooks ND file error?

When your QuickBooks starts to give you an ND file error it means there is some connectivity issue and QuickBooks server is unable to access the database. Sometimes this happens because it may not be operating correctly. It will also display a message not to delete files manually. If this error occurs because ND files are continuously changing and it is unspecifically breaking user’s access.

The error can appear in such way:


Such errors can be corrected by following the instructions mentioned below:


Step 1: you have checked and Disable the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on workstations:

  • On each Desktop or Workstations, you have to go the services window start button. When you go to the services start button you have enter Services. Msc in the search bar and press the enter button.
  • It will open the QucikbooksDB24 and you have right click on the service and enter the properties.


  • A new pop up will appear and you can select the option of Disable from the list and select Apply and OK.
  • volgende, go to the Server Computer and Restart the service
  1. To restart the service go to the Window start option and again type in Services.msc in the search bar and press enter button to let the window search for it.
  2. Then select QBCFMonitor and QucikbooksDB24 from it and restart every service by selecting it from the properties.
  3. You have to select automatic when the list will appear and choose the start button which is below it. You have to follow same steps to complete restart on both of the service ones by one.

Step 2: once you have disabled the QuickBooks Database service manager now you have to move forward to turn off the hosting of all of the workstation. To do that follow the steps below:

  • You have opened the Quickbooks and find the File and then enter into the utility
  • From the utility option, you have to check the status
  1. If it is host to multi-user access then it is showing the hosting is off.
  2. If it is showing the status of Stop hosting multi-user access then it means the hosting is going on as we have to stop the hosting so we will turn it off to stop the hosting.
  • It should be kept in mind that the hosting of all workstations have to be turned off but the server computer’s hosting will remain ON

Once these steps are done the problem will be solved otherwise contact Quickbooks customer service.

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