How to fix QuickBooks Error 15215 server not responding

erreur QuickBooks 15215 support

how to fix QuickBooks Error 15215

Error QuickBooks 15215 is related to QuickBooks payroll update, When QuickBooks unable to get through to maintenance update of QuickBooks Payroll or any interruption happens during update process this error could occur. This error won’t allow user to work on payroll and QuickBooks or sometimes your QuickBooks software may crash.


  • Étape : Please try to restart you QuickBooks once again and try to run payroll update. If still you are unable to update or get the same error code then you may require to restart you computer. Once your computer is up please try to run update without any interruption.
  • Étape : If above listed solution doesn’t work then may be any issue with Payroll folder permissions issue. please find payroll folder in you computer default location is always windows C: .


  • Q: How can I fix QuickBooks Error 15215 during QuickBooks Payroll update and why I am getting this error code?

A: This error is related to QuickBooks Payroll update when any kind of interruption happens during this update that’s when you get this error code. Not to worry about this error code if you are getting this then you can simply exit out of your QuickBooks and restart computer and try again.

  • Q: Each time I try to run Payroll Maintenance update I get QuickBooks Error 15215 please tell me how to fix it ?

A : If you are getting this error code more frequently or each time when you update you QuickBooks payroll.Try to run your QuickBooks as an Administrator may be you will get through this error code.


If you got more questions about this error code or any other error code you can always give us call at QuickBooks Support line at 1800 470 6903 .

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