How to fix Intuit Data Protection issues

Intuit Data Protection

QuickBooks data Recovery

Above shown image will give an idea about this cloud back utility of intuit. Most of the user often call us with issue on IDP and such issues or error could also obstruct QuickBooks online back functionality. If user unable to backup data online then second option for backup is always available and create local backup on your application.

Root Cause

  • Well most of the issue can be resolve by just updating QuickBooks application.
  • If intuit data protection app is not upto date
  • Windows firewall could also cause this problem with IDP
  • Internet Explorer could also be the cause of this issue

Now I am going to explain how to fix intuit data protection issues:

  • Solution: Make sure your QuickBooks is upto date to the latest release which could be helpful to fix lots of bugs, Intuit always recommend to keep automatic update always on.
  • Open QuickBooks on home screen Click on Help and choose to update QuickBooks intuit data protection support
  • Click on Update.
  • After that click on Update Now update QuickBooks
  • Now go through the list and Data Protection should be checked how to update QuickBooks
  • Now click on update
  • Once update It’s finished restart your computer for effect and then open your QuickBooks. If still you are unable to Backup follow next step.

Update Intuit Data Protection

Some of the issue can be fixed by just updating intuit data protection

  • On task bar of your computer you may see green padlock icon which is symbol of intuit data protection QuickBooks Enterprise support
  • Right click on Intuit data protection icon, You will get certain list of options and choose about intuit data protection quickbooks helpdesk
  • On next screen click on Update which would allow you to update intuit data protect .
  • Once your Application is upto date please restart your Computer for instant effects .If above listed solution still won’t work you can call Quickbooks Technical Support at 1800 470 6903
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