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How to Fix Error Building Cache 1014


This application error occurs while user trying to run payroll update or Trying to update W2 and W3 forms. This error won’t allow user to update tax forms. Error building Cache 1014 can cause an issue with user,s payroll services. Most of the times this error won’t allow user to work on payroll which could be considered on of the critical error and could also lead to major data damage on payroll and QuickBooks Company file.

Root cause:

  • If QuickBooks is not updated to the latest release please check QuickBooks Update version by pressing F2 key
  • If payroll is not updated as per latest standards
  • May be an issue caused by any third party application
  • Some times internet explorer older version could also cause this issue


  1. First step try to repair QuickBooks application some times repair could resolve lots of issue on QuickBooks to repair QuickBooks application Press and hold windows key and Press letter R key to bring Up Run windows. Type Appwiz.cpl to Bring Program and Features windows, Here select QuickBooks and repair.
  2. After trying step 1 if you still unable to update Payroll forms, Then you may restart  Computer and try again.
  3. If still you are unable to get through Error building Cache 1014 final solution is suggested by Intuit is the clean installation of QuickBooks application.


  • Q:  While am trying to Update my W2 and W3 form I get Error Building cache 1014 ?
  • A: Possible reason for this error may be you didn’t get Payroll update on your QuickBooks or May be you don’t have active internet which didn’t allow Payroll update on QuickBooks.

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