How to Edit or Delete Deposits

How to Edit deposits in QuickBooks

Please open your QuickBooks and go into bank accounts

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Find a deposit right Click on it can Please select Edit deposit

how to fix direct deposits

In this article we are going to explain you how to just a deposit that was not done through invoicing.

Now just Imagine you some thing in your bank account and you record it as Sales, This screen you change account as well if you want to go into more details

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If you want to record that transactions to any of this you can in here we are going to Select Imported Sales and Click on save .

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The un-deposited fund are very different ,Undeposited funds are those which are done through stander procedure of QuickBooks starting with Creating Invoice then receiving payment and recording deposits. If you do things that way those funds falls under undeposited funds.

In next step I am going to explain you how to get rid of Undeposited funds.

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Let just imagine deposit shown in above picture is done incorrectly and we need to edit this to do that follow next Image.

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Once you Click on Edit deposit that will take you to next screen

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If you try to change or edit this Undeporited entry with some other name or category. It won’t let you that and will give you an error shown below.

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This error won’t let you make any kind of change to this deposit because it,s created with stander procedure of direct deposit in QuickBooks. This error will ask you to go to original transaction and Edit it.

What we going to do we are going to delete this deposit

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Lots of people get scared to delete any undeposited funds, Because they this will be out of QuickBooks completely.

But,I would like to tell it’s not.  What happened it QuickBooks Kicks that fund into deposited fund windows.


If you still have any issue related to direct deposits you can always call QuickBooks Phone Support at 1800 470 6903

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